Wireless Laptop

Ok, so I have a laptop that has wireless capability. I went online to Verizon's website to check out the cost of getting the plugin (?) and monthly fee as I saw a commercial that it is $39 a month. Nowhere on the site could I find what I needed. They directed me to an area that asked for my zip code. Oh, broadband is not available for us.

I decided to check out Sprint's wireless features. (I thought wireless meant no cable, broadband, etc.) After wasting 30 minutes trying to find it on their site, I got on their chat online feature. After about 10 minutes Sasha was chatting with me. After explaining that I have a laptop and am interested in hooking it up wireless, what is the initial cost and then the monthly fee?

Sasha asked me if I wanted a card? I don't know what I want, I want to use my laptop wireless feature. She had a page pop up that looked like plugins but they said something about a call plan??? I asked her why it said that, and also, is it available in our area. Basically after going back and forth for at least 15 minutes without getting anywhere, I asked "Is it available in our area????"

Sasha said if my Sprint phone works in our area, the wireless should, did I want to replace the phone with the wireless, or add another line of business to our account? She finally decided to send me to a sales person; which, by then, I wanted to ask if she had her term life insurance paid up because I was afraid of what I would do to her if I could meet her face to face.

Finally, I disconnected the Sprint website and decided I would just go in to the Sprint store and talk to a live person. Maybe they can actually answer my questions without all the stress??? Halfmoon

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