Are We Staying Young?

When we were in our forties, people would say to us "You're too young to have an 18 year old!" Oh, how that made us feel good. As the years went by, the compliments continued about how young Steve and I looked.

A few years ago, I noticed people telling Steve he still looked so young. They didn't include me in their comment. That bothered me. Steve was worrying about having a few wrinkles and grey in his beard. By then I had so many grey hairs (and they were all in the front), I forgot I had darker brown hair unless I looked in the mirror at the back of my head.

I didn't worry about wrinkles, I've always had dry skin. I didn't go through puberty needing acne cream like most of my friends. I waited until I was in my 30's and had two pimples on my face. Normally, my skin was too dry for that.

Now my skin isn't as dry and I suppose the extra fat cells keep the wrinkles away for the most part. I had my hair highlighted again and once again, I have mostly blond hair. Why can't they just do a few strands of highlights? But I do think I look better with it this way. Makes me feel younger when I look into the mirror.

We went to an anniversary party for one of Steve's sisters last Saturday. On the way home I mentioned to Steve that he looks younger than one of his younger brothers (and no, I'm not going to say which one). He asked about his other brother. I hadn't really paid that much attention to him so I didn't know. Steve couldn't believe that I hadn't really noticed. But he felt pretty good about looking young still. As active as he is, Steve will probably always look younger than he is.

They say "You're only as young as you feel". Well who are 'they'? I'd like to know. I say you're only as young as you look. What do you think? Halfmoon

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