Music To My Ears

Well, Christmas Eve and Christmas day are over, just barely.  On Christmas Eve afternoon we went to Lutheran Church of Hope and watched their Christmas festivities.  They had the usual worship songs (Christmas) and then Pastor Householder came out for his part.

After a few minutes, his two sons came out and kept asking where they were supposed to be.  They were dressed in clothing of Christ's era.  It was pretty cool.  After the pastor told them they weren't in the play this year, they said, "You have to at least play the video we made to start off," or something similar.  A video starts playing rock music with these two as stars.

After the program was over, we went to Baskin Robbins and had an ice cream cone.  Crazy, huh?  We had more than an hour to go to the next stop on our list.  Yummy, it was so good, and the weird thing is the temperature was very frigid (with and without the wind factor).

At Fusion, they had cocoa and cookies so, of course, we had a few!  On to Steve II's to open our presents from them.  The kids and I got Steve a new chainsaw.  He was very surprised.  They gave me a beautiful infinity necklace with my four kids birthstones in it.  I just love it!  Then they filled plates for Steve and I to eat.  I had planned on going home to have popcorn.  They had fixed ham, sweet potatoes (from scratch), and a buttered bun.  Yummy!

How was your Christmas?

Little Mary Sang...

'Away in the Manger' and it was so beautiful I got tears in my eyes.  Mikayla was Mary in the little play that Aiden's sitter put on.  Kayla used to go to that sitter, Jessie, too, but now she goes to preschool instead.

It was nice that they still included her in the play.  And she sang into that microphone like a pro.  Aiden was one of the kings, however he didn't sing.  There were 10 or 11 little ones in the play.  There were two toddlers in what looked like cow and sheep ? pajamas.  The cow wandered off to leave the area and was brought back by a parent.  Pretty soon he wandered off in a different direction.

Aiden mainly stood around watching, but when it was time for the song where they all held hands and swung them back and forth, he got back in line and grabbed Kayla's hand and swung away.  So cute!  I hope Abby got it recorded and will put it up on Facebook pretty soon.

After the play, someone played the piano and we sang carols.  There were some that weren't on the sheet so we sang from memory.  The lady w/the microphone offered me the mike and I shook my head no.  I could just see not remembering the next line.....anyway it was a great night!

So You're Planning a Party...

...and you decide it would be cool to have a foggy atmosphere besides your flashing lights, what do you do?  Do you buy dry ice and sit it around the room, or do you go the professional way and get a fog machine.

How does a fog machine work?  Basically, fog juice is created to make smoke.  What is fog juice?  I've read it described as glycerin or glycol mixed with water.  When you heat it, a dense vapor appears which looks like smoke.

They are used in plays, theaters, Halloween displays, haunted houses, night get the picture.

What do you think?  If you want to get a dramatic effect, it is a must see item!

Funny Story

Monday we went to Heather's to celebrate Alyce's 7th birthday.  She served maidrites (my recipe), chips and dip, and of course the cake and ice cream.

We all watched Alyce open her presents and once Steve and Amber got there, they dished out the cake and ice cream.  I was sitting next to my hubby eating my ice cream when I bit into something harder than the icing.  It was a little minty.  As it was the only bite like that I asked Steve if he had any bites like that....nope.

Oh, crap, I just ate my Rolaid with the cake.  I had sat it in the bowl as I was half done with it but didn't want to throw it away.  Actually, it tasted pretty good with the cake and frosting (glad it was the minty kind).  I've been battling nausea for a couple years and the last 2 - 3 months, it's been worse.  Oh, well, it was actually kind of funny.


Today is Thanksgiving and it is the first year with our family that we didn't have to make a Turkey!  Cuts down on the stress for Mom and Dad, I'm telling you.  This year Steve and I made two large bowls of stuffing (his Dad's recipe), plus we're taking two pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, Cool Whip, and Turkey Gravy.

Heather and Pato are making a turkey, a ham, fruit salad, and some type of Mexican cookies.  Also it is at Heather's house so that's a big part for them just getting their house ready.

Steve and Amber are bringing a turkey, a ham, and green bean casserole (you know the kind with the onion rings on top.....yummy!

Josh and Shelley are bringing  turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, a jello w/pretzel dessert, and a macaroni corn casserole which is outstanding.

Abby and Justin are bringing the relish tray and the rolls.

Now you may say that's a lot of turkey and stuffing, but the turkeys are 12 - 13 pounds and we all want to take home turkey, stuffing, and fruit salad.  That's our type of Thanksgiving!

Here at the home front, we have lines from our well leaking in the yard if we use the spout (washing the car, etc.)  Plus, the motor has had water over it and we may have to contact to make the well usable again.  There's always something happening here.

We'll be leaving soon for Heather's so have a Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa!

Trip To Des Moines

Yesterday I had an appointment at the chiropractor at 1:30.  I also needed to go to my family physician to get my prescriptions and take them to the pharmacy to be filled. 

The chiro cracked my neck, back and legs and I was able to walk easier after that, plus having my neck feel better.  That's a plus.  I had already dropped off my scripts, so my next job was to get in line to pick them up.  I love having a drive-up pharmacy so I don't have to get out of the car.

Once that was done, I drove to Adel Post Office to send back a book that I was not happy with.  Then all that was left was driving home, by then I was worn out!  How'd your day go?

It's Been Sold

How many times have I driven by the house on L with a MIL apartment attached?  Too many to count.  It started out at $150,000.  It stayed that price for quite a while.  Steve and I actually looked at the outside twice and what we could see in the windows.

Then I saw it for sale in the real estate section for $100,000.  I urged Steve that we should get an appointment to go through it.  That never happened.  Tuesday I was on my way home from having lunch with Abby and I decided to look at it one more time.

The For Sale sign was gone.  There was someone in the driveway and a grill outside.  I was so bummed I wanted to cry.  We might not have wanted it but we could have at least gone through it, right?

Now I suppose we'll need to get a real estate checklistreal estate checklist and start all over again.  Man!

I wouldn't want to leave this house if it was on pavement and was just a ranch.  I don't even go upstairs any more because of my knees.  Oh, well, back to square one.

What a Surprise

I got up this morning and did my normal thing:  started the bath, brushed my teeth, made tea and toast.  Back to the tub to make sure it doesn't fill too much.  Back to the kitchen to add honey to my tea and butter my toast. 

I noticed the beat of music going and had a sneaking suspicion.  Sure enough, there was Steve II shoveling the snow out of our driveway to music.  What a kid!  I hope my grandkids grow up to be as thoughtful as my kids are.

Have a great day, be careful, it's slick out!

At Least One More Week

It has been a weird year weather wise.  Starting tomorrow, we will have highs in the fifties again.  Yeah!  I hate winter, though I have lived in Iowa all my life.

I'm not like those who loved sledding, ice skating, throwing snowballs, etc.  Maybe it's because I had asthma as a child, that I learned to hate winter weather.

Now, my kids and grandkids, they all love to go out in the snow.  I can see some of them learning to snowboard.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a snowboard wall rack on the wall of their homes.

  I know some of them already ice skate, down to the youngest, Aiden, who is only two.  Abby and Justin took Kayla and Aiden and had someone take pics, they all looked like they were have a blast.  The only time I went ice skating, I thought I was breaking my ankles.

So kudos to all my family who love winter!

I Cancelled my Hair Appointment

Since I was sick, I had to cancel getting my hair done in Council Bluffs.  That not only saddened me as I need to get color in my hair again, but it gives me a chance to see my sister, Sue, and her husband and sometimes I get to see my niece and nephew and their families.

Most people get highlights.  I get low lights and my white streaks are my real highlights.  I just love it when I've had my hair done.  Not only does it make me look younger, but it leaves my hair soft.  Also, I have her cut the back short (so the jets in my tub don't tangle it up). 

Linda is supposed to come over tonight as it's Thursday.  I may have her just give me my shot and then I'll go back to bed.  That's if I have her come over at all.

Christmas is Coming

Every year stores start decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier.  Now they've started before Halloween is even here.  I don't get it.  They're even talking about starting great sales prices before Black Friday.

We used to buy things for each person in our family.  One year I had fun getting everyone a sweatshirt and sweat pants, even down to the toddlers.  Or the time I bought the first pair of jeans for the littlest ones.  It was so much fun.

One year we even bought Steve's family gifts (which was unheard of).  Normally everyone only gives his parents gifts.  That was fun to buy presents for them.

If I were going to buy presents this year, I'd check out radko from christmasplace just to decorate our tree.

Unfortunately, we don't even put a tree up anymore.  Since Christmas is during the snowy season, no one wants to come out our rode in the winter.  It is pretty bad.  No idea when our road will be paved, so no hope in sight.

Sick of Being Sick

Two weeks ago last Monday I started getting nauseated.  All day and evening.  It went on like that till the following Saturday night.  That's when I started vomiting every two hours from 11:30 pm on.

The following week brought only the nausea.  Friday I started vomiting again.  Followed by nausea through the next Monday.  (That's two weeks of sickness.)  I felt pretty good Tuesday, even went to Heather's for the day and evening.  Her mother-in-law is here from Mexico.  Our family went there as Pato grilled for everyone.  It was great.  Wednesday I felt good off and on, actually went to church that night. Between 11:30 pm and 5 am I was up vomiting again three times.  Today I feel pretty gross. 

This last Monday I decided to drink a bottle of that liquid that makes you go, if you know what I mean.   It was the next day that I felt better.  I'm sick of trying to figure it out.  I just want to get better.  Any suggestions?

We Need a New Bedroom Set

We bought our current bed over 10 years ago, and it shows it.  There are indentations on both sides where Steve and I sleep. My back hasn't been the same since we quit sleeping in our waterbed.  I sure miss it. Even when we bought the bed, we didn't get a headboard, dresser, or chest of drawers.

I entered a few sweepstakes to win a bedroom set and would be really happy to be the chosen winner.  Since the odds of that happening are low, we may look into bedroom furniture austin tx.  I may have to check into their sets soon.

We do have a chest of drawers that is beautiful.  It is an antique that Steve was given from his Mom's house.  It was originally his Dad's brother's chest of drawers.  I'd love to get  a bed and dresser that would go with it. 

What type of bedroom set do you have?

A Free Night Again

Finally, Thursday night!  And I am looking forward to Linda coming over.  The time always varies depending on when she is done at work. Since she does most of the labs, it can go pretty late. 

I don't know what's on tonight because the Sunday paper no longer gives you the TV Guide (and coupons).  Right now Mash is on METV.  I love that channel.

What are you watching on TV tonight?

Broken Cement

A while back Steve broke up our old patio and sidewalk by hand....with a sledgehammer.  Then he loaded the back of his pickup (many times) and took it to the area where we put wood. 

About two weeks ago Steve saw one of the city workers across the rode.  He walked over and talked to the lead man.  They said they'd come here in two weeks to pick up all the broken cement.  Hurray!  We had a man who said he'd come get it about two months ago and we haven't heard from him since.

What Steve really needs is to go to this website and find a trailer to haul things in, then he could take away the cement himself and it would be dealt with once and for all.

Have you ever had someone tell you they'd do something and then never followed through?


I am so excited, I actually got to watch a new episode of 'Bones'.  Normally, I am either at a Bible study or at church when my favorite shows are on.

It was a good episode, too.  I'm not going to talk about it in case you DVR'd it and haven't seen it yet, but I am tempted to.

What shows are your favorites?

Family Time

What started out with Steve II asking if we wanted to get together to grill, ended up with us inviting the other kids to come also.

Heather said she and Josh were just talking Saturday about maybe the family should get together for chili.  That didn't go any further and she was in the mood for chili.  Josh said Shelley had chili on the stove.  Well so much for that.

I didn't need software security solutions to figure it out.  Those two kids and families would not be coming out.  Abby said they'd be out so it was Abby and family, and Steve and Amber for grilling.  Awesome.

Now it would have been nicer with the whole family, but it was still fun seeing them.  When Steve, Amber and Vito, of course, were leaving Aiden was yelling, "Bye Beto!"  It was so cute.  He just kept saying it over and over.  Loved it!

Steve and His Bible Study

I don't know what is wrong with me, since our 'The Story' Bible study ended, I just haven't felt like going to the Bible Study.  I forced myself to go to all but one of the next study.  Now he's doing a third study and I just can't get into it.

I wish we had a study I looked forward to.  The other thing is the study at my son's house only has one more week to go.  I think even Amber felt sad when I told Steve and her that we only had one week left.

I am in a women's study on Wednesday nights at the church, but am not really thrilled about it, either.  What is going on with me, am I just going through a slump?  Guess I'd better get with the Lord and see what's going on.

Steve Was Working on the Roof

Since we had the storm come through and we had rain come into our attic and caused problems.  If you've read my blog, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Today, Steve took the last of the three vents off the roof and reroofed those three areas.  And if that wasn't enough work, he mowed the yard.  He is a hard worker, that's for sure.

Now that we have the sidewalk, patio, and roof done, we are still playing with the idea of looking at another house.  While we won't need a louisville real estate,  we may need to contact one here locally.

If we did move, I have no idea how we'd move that beautiful table that stands on the new patio.  That would be a bummer if we had to leave it behind.

Linda's Back

A week ago yesterday, Linda was in Colorado on vacation.  Luckily she wasn't in the flooding area.  Amber gave me my shots (I'm pretty lucky that she's a CMA) so I'm not behind on them.

Last night Linda brought me a postcard with a cute bear on it and a candy cane from Hammond's Candies.  It is the flavor of caramel apple!  She knows I buy that flavor suckers to help me not smoke in the car.

We watched the new episodes of 'Crazy Ones', the new 'Michael J. Fox Show', and  'Elementary' and then she showed me the pictures she took while on vacation.  It was a great night.

The Damage From the Storm

Two minutes before the storm hit, I was outside smoking my one-third cigarette.  It started raining lightly and the wind started blowing harder.  I came inside inside just in time. 

The wind started increasing and the rain really started coming down.  I found out afterwards the wind got up to 60 and 70 miles per hour.  Wow!  I'm glad I came in when I did.  We didn't realize the damage until the next morning.

Our satellite dish had been hit by a large limb and it curled the edge inward.  We no longer had internet.  I didn't realize how much I used it until I no longer had it.  There were limbs and branches all over the yard.  The other damage that occurred was the fencing in front of the door to the building we used for storage.  The left side was torn down.  That's sad.

I'm thinking we need to buy a new large-screen TV and a stand with mount so we would no longer have this huge piece of furniture just to hold our TV.

Now, I don't watch TV that much, normally, I watch DVDs.  No commercials, that way!  But, I really wished we could have DVR because then I could have shows like 'Bones', 'Chicago Fire', and 'Revelation' recorded because I'm usually at Bible studies when they are on.  Plus, you could flip through the commercials.  Neat, huh?

Night of the Storm

I was home alone when then electricity went off.  Luckily it happened when it was still pretty light out.  I lit a few candles in the living room and kitchen.  Then I called MidAmerican to report an outage.

I didn't worry at all until I felt wetness on the kitchen floor.  Then I noticed water on the stove and counter.  And then I saw water dripping from the light fixture.  Well, great!  The next step was to call Steve.  I knew he would be upset.  Because that means we have rain coming in the vent on the roof.

Steve, his brother, and our two boys reshingled our roof.  At that time, they put two vents in the roof to help with moisture that  builds up in the attic....I think.

The problem with that is when it rains and the wind blows in a certain direction, it blows rain in the vents.  Great!  I called Steve and he immediately turned around to come back home to deal with it.

Thursday Nights

Tonight Linda came over and we watched an episode of Law and Order (Season 9).  Then we watched Elementary, which just happened to be one we'd never seen before.

We've been seeing reruns of Elementary for weeks.  I cannot wait for the new season of shows to start up.  Under the Dome, Chicago Fire, Revolution are just a few of the ones I love to watch.

What are the shows you like to watch and are looking forward to?

Labor Day Weekend

The following picture is one of a few I'll post here.  It is when we were singing around a campfire with two people playing along on guitar.


You can see Jef and Tyler (from our church musicians) playing their guitars.  To the right of them is Tracey, the pastors wife and who leads our worship on Sundays.

Next you will see Pastor Jeff, with his youngest asleep on his lap.

Photo: Enjoying a beautiful night sitting by the fire with my sleepy little guy. It doesn't get much better than this. 

I will say, our worship team is the greatest!  The only thing missing is Tony on the drums.  Oh, he was there, just didn't have his drums there or his drum set mutes at m123 if that's the kind he has.

We sang a lot of songs that night.  Steve's Mom was with us and she just loved it.  Her husband, Bert, played the guitar and we used to sit in their living room and just listen to him, Steve, and Tom play music.  Sometimes a friend, Elmer, I think would bring his banjo and things would get lively.  (Elmer's wife, Darlene would come over, too to listen.) 

Back to Sunday evening.  We stayed until Katiana couldn't wait any longer.  She hadn't dressed warm for the cool evening.  I gave her my long sleeve shirt and I tried to stay warm by the fire.  After a while, I gave in and told Steve, "We need to go home, now."  And so we took Elsie home, and then proceeded to go to our place.

Kat spent the night, then on Labor Day morning, she and Steve spent quality time together at the Labor Day picnic that the Union put on.  What did you do on Labor Day?

My Library Finally Came Through

You're probably wondering what my title means.  I have been on a list to get Season 9 of Law and Order for ever.  The library told me whomever had it last never turned it back in.  I finally gave up hope.

Last week, Steve was at the Library and noted they had something on hold for me.  It was actually Season 9.  I don't know if they person who had checked it out before me brought it back or if the library ordered a new Season 9.

All I know is I've never seen this season before.  Huh!  It's pretty good, too!

Abby Went to a Party

A few weeks ago, Abby went to a friend's birthday party.  They went on a bus, thus they weren't driving around while or after drinking.  Myself, I don't drink, so I don't understand this concept.

The next week or so Abby was invited to her Mother-in-law's birthday party.  I thought this time it was st petersburg limos that they rode in, but it turned out to be another bus.

Sounds like everyone had a great time.  I cannot imagine having open containers in a vehicle, normally that is against the law.  However, a party bus must be exempt from this rule.  Have you ever been on one of these vehicles?

Tomorrow My Son Goes...... the doctor, finally.  He has slipped disks in his neck which causes a lot of pain for him.  I sure hope this doctor can help him.

It's actually the doctor that he went to as a little boy, maybe the doc that was at his birth.  I simply cannot remember.  It's over thirty years ago, give me a break.

I have great hopes in his appointment tomorrow!

I'm Sitting Here.....

...waiting for time to go by until Linda calls telling me she's on her way.  Once again it is Thursday evening.  Linda usually works late at her work.  She works at a doctor's office.  She calls me anywhere from 7:45 to 8:30 PM. 

I've changed my shirt once so far.  First, I had drips of butter fall on it from the two ears of corn I ate tonight.  Yummy!  I immediately put Dawn (blue) on it.  But, I didn't change yet as I wasn't finished eating yet and I tend to drip food down the front of me.

I'm really glad I didn't change as I then dropped a chip down my front.  It literally rolled down the front of me, leaving a path of dip where ever it landed.  Then it rolled onto the carpet.

Yes, I scrubbed the two spots hard.  But, I really need some carpet cleaning raleigh to come over and do the entire house.  OK, not the two bathrooms as they have tile on them.

I haven't had this carpeting cleaned for years and years.  It's pretty disgusting.  Who do you have clean your carpeting?

This is a picture of Steve working on our old/new picnic table.


And the next pic is the day we christened the table for our first picnic.

Photo: Mom dad Shelley and kids , myself and my queen Amber! The first supper

And it certainly is big enough for our family.  You might note it's sitting on our new patio.  Look, there's Muddy in the back right portion of the pic.  That's Josh and Shelley's new dog (previously Shelley's Dad's dog).

This is how we spent our Labor Day, how did you spend yours?

The Amplifier

Did you ever stop to wonder who invented the amplifier and what it actually does?  The first electric amplifier was likely invented by Leo Fender.  His first early amplifiers had no controls and amplified the electronic signal produced by magnetic pickups so that it  produces sound through a loudspeaker.  The first commercially produced in 1947.

Guitar amplifiers were at first used in bass guitars and electronic keyboards.  They are manufactured in two main forms:  the combination or combo, and the amplifier stack or  amp stack. 

It offers plenty of gigging power at a great price.  It offers clear dynamic tones for a lot of musical styles.  Now I don't know a lot about music equipment, but after reading reviews on it, those who have bought this amp, are very happy with it. 

Linda's Coming Over Tonight

As this is Thursday, it is the night Linda comes over to spend the evening here.  I just love Thursday nights.  We start out with Linda giving me my three allergy shots.  Then we each grab something to drink, water normally.

We both decided around the same time to quit drinking pop.  Yes, I know, some people call it soda,  I call it caffeine free Dr. Pepper.  I do still love it, but I always equate it with smoking and I've cut down on smoking drastically.  I used to smoke about a carton a week, now I'm down to one pack a week or less.

Steve's noticed the change in me and commented  on more than one occasion.  (Which makes me happy that he's noting I am trying to quit.)

Back to Linda, we normally watch a few television shows, but, now they are mostly reruns and some times we've seen the shows three or more times.  Boring.

The 2nd Day of Migraines

I  had cortisone shots in both knees Tuesday as I wrote about previously.  I took a pill to try and stave off the migraine minutes before the needles were inserted to drain and then insert the cortisone.

I actually was migraine-free that evening.  However, Wednesday morning the migraine started.  I took one pill (I can take 1 or 2) since I didn't know how this new med would react.  That was around 9 AM.  By 11:00 AM I took the 2nd one.  Around 6 PM I took two more  to no avail.

This morning, I took two, still am fighting the migraine.  I left a message at 9 AM for the doctor to see if I can take more than two at a time.  I am at the lowest dose (50 mg) of this med.  It also comes in 100 and 150 mg, so I hope I can up the dose.

Do you need a business line of credit in order to get a call back from the doctor's office?  I called at 4:15 PM again to see if there was an answer for me yet.  Apparently they are waiting for the doctor to respond.

It gets very frustrating.  I love my doctor and have been going to her since Abby was about two years old and that was around 1982.  She knows my whole history, I hate to start over with a new doctor to go to.

Any suggestions for me to get them to respond quicker?

I Just Might Live picture Time

This is one of those days where I just want to sleep, when I lay down I cannot sleep.

Income Taxes

Once again, we still have not filed our income taxes, and here it is August.  No, don't worry, we won't get a fine as we don't owe taxes, we get refunds.

I am stalling because of the medical expenses.  I'm not sure if I already entered Steve's on top of mine, then he entered them.  I'm going to have to go through the lists once again in order to see if our current numbers are correct or not.

Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Doing the taxes is bad enough, without having to redo them.  The thing that I hate about having your taxes done by someone else, is you have to have everything you need taken with you.  I always seem to forget some paperwork that I need for them to do my taxes.

Are your taxes filed yet?

On Reading

Do you have any hobbies?  I love to crochet, but my favorite hobby is reading fiction books.  I used to go to the library and check out books galore.  If I would get down to one or two books, I would start getting addiction pains.  Seriously, addicted to reading.

Since Heather gave me her old Kindle, I download free books galore.  I love it.  I wish it had larger print, though.  And, I have three or four boxes of paperback books my cousin, Nancy, gave me.  So I feel rich in books!

Genichi Kawakami

Genichi Kawakami who is the son of Kaichi Kawakami the third generation president of the Nippan Gakki (musical instruments and electronics) now the Yamaha Corporation.  He studied and graduated from Takachiho Higher Commercial School in March of 1934.

He rose to positions of manager of the company's Tenryu Factory Company (musical instruments) and then Senior General Manager, before assuming the position of fourth-generation President in 1950 at the young age of 38.

In 1953 he was looking for a way to make use of idle machining equipment that had previously made airplane propellers.  He later brought out the Yamaha motorcycle.

Back to the muscial instruments, if you're going to play, you need a yamaha stagepas 300.  One person can easily control it.

I wonder if that is what they use at church?

Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Did you know that Gibson guitar is totally made by hand?  Oliver Gibson is the company founder and he invented this archtop guitar in the 1890s.  He produced these and archtop mandolins in a one-man work-shop from then until 1902.  At that point, he was unable to keep up with the demand and so he sold the name to a group of music store owners and lawyers.

In 1926, Gibson made flat-top guitar thinking it was more of a beginner guitar.  College students, servicemen, those who sing the blues, and even some country western singers began strumming on these guitars.

Gibson had competition with newcomer Epiphone.  The rivalry ended in 1957 due to his buying Epiphone.  With the production of the Super Jumbo, made with rosewood back and sides before the war and maple after.  Performers played on these guitars at the Grand Ole Oprey and Country Western circuits.

You can find gibson acoustic guitars at musicians friend even now.  Some of the people you may recognize who used Gibson guitars are the Beatles, and the Everly Brothers.

Are you hooked yet?  If you play guitar at all, you know a lot about the Gibson brand.  Save up for the greatest guitar in the world..

Steve called me as I was frying up a lb of bacon.  They were coming out to drop a coupon for the new medicine I've just been put on.  I asked them if they'd eaten yet.  No, they'd eat after they went back home.  I didn't have enough bread to feed them, too.  I immediately called him back and said "if you bring some bread for your sandwiches, you can have BLTs with us".  He said that was awesome.

So, I finished the bacon, cut up a bunch of tomatoes, cut up cucumbers, and cooked a mess of green beans (with some chunks of bacon in it).  I ate my cucumbers while waiting for them to arrive.  They still weren't here, so I ate my sandwich, too.  Then when they got here, I was munching on the green beans, and they were delicious.

Steve made sandwiches for he and Amber, then we all went outside.  Vito got to have time off his leash and then Steve took him for a run out in our field.  Once again, it was a wonderful visit.  I just love it when they come over.

Rings for My Grandkids

I decided to start a tradition a few years ago.  When they are thirteen years more or less, I sit down and talk to my grandchild about saving themselves for marriage and why you should do so.

 I let them choose which ring they want, but, it is always a purity ring.  Some have scriptures on them.  They are always beautiful, even the boy's and men's rings.

The day I give them their ring, we sit and talk for a while before I give them their ring.  Basically, the message is 'wait for marriage'.  It is the highest gift you can give each other, remaining pure.  And this goes for the boys, too.

I could go on about what I tell them, but I'll just leave it here.

Spa Day

Tomorrow I go to the West Glen Spa for my 90 minute massage by Amy!  I cannot wait.  I'm telling ya, she is fantastic.  Wouldn't trade her for the world.  And, she is so sweet.  At one time I had thought about introducing her to my son, Steve II.  Now that he has Amber, I am so glad that they got together.  They are so great together.

I'm usually a little sore for a while, but it is so worth it.  I should hurry and go to sleep so tomorrow will come quicker!

Sue and Walt

We arrived in Council Bluffs Friday about 30 minutes before my hair appointment.  Steve stayed with Walt and Sue went with me to my appointment.  I go to Sue's hairdresser.  She is awesome.

I had talked myself into letting my hair grow, however, when I soak in the whirlpool tub, my hair knots up.  Even when I pull my hair up and lay against it, I end up with little knots at the root.  Then I have to rip it out as it will not come unknotted.  Bummer.

When I got to my appointment, I asked what she thought of cutting it short in the back and leave it longer in the front, you know, at an angle.  I know people do cut their hair this way, but, I have curly hair.  I wasn't sure if that would work with curly hair.  And.....she thought it would look great.

I was looking for a haircut that I wouldn't need to pay for it.  Seriously, it costs some $$$$ to get my hair done by April, but it is so worth it.

I walked out with the cutest hairstyle and color!  I am so happy.  And it is short in the back so I shouldn't have knots in the back anymore.

Hopefully, tomorrow.....

we'll see a cement truck come into our driveway.  As I said in a previous post, we were going to have it done last Thursday afternoon.  However, the contractor was running late on the job before ours.  Steve told him to just wait till Monday or after as we were going out of town on Friday.

So, time will tell if we have a patio and sidewalk poured tomorrow, or not.  I can't wait.  As you can tell, this has been a long time coming. 

Ronda Came to Town

A friend from high school came from Texas (where she currently lives with her husband).  The deal was, we were to meet at a place called the Lighthouse Lounge, in Council Bluffs.  At least 5 other girls from my school were planning on coming to this get together.

Then, a guy from our school decided to invite the 1967  - 1972 classes out to his house.  He lives in a log cabin in Crescent which is a little north and east (I think) of Council Bluffs.  I hadn't planned to go to that as I really only wanted to see my friends.  Not people who didn't even graduate with me.

Steve and I met my friend, Connie, outside the 'lounge'.  I was dismayed when I saw what class of people frequented this place.  Now I'm not normally the type that feels like I'm 'above' people, but clearly, I didn't run around with this crowd.   Let's just say, if I had gold coins for sale, I would steer clear of this place.

Ok, now I am bad, but you know what?  I don't care.  There's just some places I would not choose to be.  There I said it.    Ronda and her husband arrived late (9:20 or so, we expected them at 7).  We visited with them the short amount of time they could share with us. 

None of my friends (except Connie) came, how disappointing.  After about 30 or so minutes, I told Connie we were leaving, she walked out with us.  We had a drive ahead of us so I wanted to get started.  How was your weekend?

Steve II and Amber brought out chicken, tomatoes, corn, and cucumbers.  Right away I cut up a tomato and ate the whole thing by myself.  Yum.  Then, Steve II put the chicken on the grill, I put the spuds in the micro, and Amber and I started shucking the corn.  Steve II came out and helped with that, too!

It is so wonderful when your kids come out and take care of you!  Steve and Amber do this a lot.  My hubby was in West Des Moines at church doing his thing.  We all had a wonderful time.  The kohlrabi was fantastic, as usual.

Everything was fantastic.  It feels so good when you eat healthy!  How's your garden growing?

Two Weeks Ago...

Heather sang at church again.  She was really nervous because normally when she sings, Jeff and Tracey are out of town (Tracey is normally the singer and Jeff the pastor).  This time Pastor Jeff was at the church, just not preaching.

They had just got back from Chicago for Tracey's mom's funeral so Tracey stayed home.  Anyway, Heather was so nervous to have Jeff there, that means he'll hear her.

Jef (lead guitarist) and Tyler (another guitarist), and Tony (drummer) was there to make the music.  There wasn't anyone there on a MIDIEvery so often we do have a keyboardist playing and singing harmony.

Heather did an excellent job, as usual, and she wasn't nervous once she got up there.  It was awesome.  The Holy Spirit moved during worship.

Next Weekend

Yep, a girlfriend from high school is coming up from Texas next weekend.  A few of our friends are going to get together with her at a place called the Lighthouse (I think).

She'll be spending the day at someone's house during the day.  He is a DJ and he invited a few classes to get together at the same time.  Great, huh?  It's not like it will be a class reunion.

Steve still hasn't told me if he's going with me or not.....time will tell.

We Got Some Help Today

Steve II, beautiful Amber, Sydney, and Jadah (my two beautiful granddaughters) came out today.  With the intent of B-B-Qing for lunch.  Steve II did the grilling as his Dad was working on the new sidewalk he is getting ready to put in.

They brought out brats w/mushrooms and swiss cheese and brats with jalapeno (whew), chips and dip, and corn on the cob.  It was all delicious.  Steve told his Dad to take a break and eat lunch.  After the brats were on the grill and after eating, Steve II helped shovel the area for the new sidewalk with his Dad.

They accomplished  a lot today.

Hopefully we won't need bankruptcy free consultation after all is said and done.  I'm just kidding, we have budgeted for this project.  I'm so happy, cannot wait to have it done.

I used to chase the shade around the old patio while I was outside reading.  Now I sit out in the grassy area finding shade where I can next to a table.  If I cannot find shade near the 2 tables, I sit in the shade and drag the kids picnic table next to me.  Then I drag the big wheel to put my feet up on.

Some day soon, I'll have my patio and new sidewalk!!!!!

Did I Tell You....

that we are in the process of getting a new sidewalk and patio?  It is so exciting.  I never thought I'd ever have a new patio.  The old one was so broken and so many weeds were growing in the cracks.

Steve has been digging, digging, digging and slamming down the sledgehammer breaking up the old concrete.  We have a huge pile of concrete pieces in the back by the place where we used to store our trees that were cut down.

You cannot believe how much glass we have found.  2 sacks full of broken glass.  A half of an antique glass, too bad it wasn't all there.  We've found 2 marbles a few pennies and 1 quarter.  I think it was a 1965 quarter, so not worth a lot.

Maybe we'll find a treasure yet, you never know.

I received a message from Sue on Word's With Friends that they were on their way to Adventureland today.  I cannot immagine driving all the way to Des Moines to go there when the Iowa State Fair is on at the same time. 

The pictures looked like they were having fun (the kids atleast).  Skip mentioned he needed to clear his head for 30 minutes after riding the Dragon.  Josh told him not to forget the Silly Silo and Skip said it is broke this year.

Sue sent me a message that they were just passing Waukee.  At least they didn't need to get immigration lawyers in los angeles in order to get back home.  Which is refreshing, right?

I haven't gone to Adventureland, or the Iowa State Fair since Heather was probably 15 or 16!  Can't say I miss all the walking, or trying to get a parking place, or the $$ involved in going either place.   Have you made it to the Fair yet?

It's That Time of Year Again

What time is that?  Iowa State Fair, of course.  I've seen many pictures on Facebook of my son Josh's kids and Steve's daughter, Syd and her little brother, Talon.  Looks like they had a great time.  Except for the picture of them holding a python or some such snake that gave me the willies.

And.....tomorrow is the Sweet Corn Festival in Adel.  Yummy!  I know Steve's daughter, Jadah, and Heather's kids are in the parade (yawn....9 AM).  Grandma doesn't get around that early in the morning.  I wouldn't mind going to the free corn giveaway, though!  Yum yum yum.

Are you going?  It's mighty tempting, isn't it?

the government employee that turned in a vehicle with our governor in it that was speeding (high speeds).  He brought it to the attention to someone and later lost his job.  In credit to the government agency who fired this gentleman, it is said there is more to the story, that wasn't why he was fired.

I'd say this dude has a right to fight the wrongful termination (if that's true he was fired for that reason).  Don't know for sure if he has a Wrongful Termination Attorney San Diego, or not.  But I do know he has an attorney.

Well, good luck to him and his attorney.  The car should have been pulled over for travelling such high speeds, endangerment to others, don't ya think?

Time at Mom's

Steve and I went down to Mom's apartment after the Bible study tonight.  We went through a book she and Polly put together on genealogies of the Manning family.  It took a lot of work to create this book and I was very impressed.  I had so much fun reading about people back in the 1800's and before.

One family member came from England and was said to be sold as a slave until he turned 21 (I think).  I think they meant indentured.  This gentleman actually bought land (160 acres) from William Penn.  Can you imagine?  He later gave each of his children 20 acres each.

I wish I had information like that on hand about my relations.  We had a wonderful time visiting with Mom, laughing a lot, it was wonderful.

Glitter & Rust

My pastor's wife and our lead guitarist at church have formed Glitter & Rust....I cannot wait to hear what they play together.  I mean, I've heard them at church every week, along with Tyler (guitarist) and Tony (drummer).

When the above group plays in church, it is awesome.  And some Sundays my daughter, Heather, is the singer (when Tracey is out of town).

Note, the picture below.....this is Glitter & Rust.  How awesome is that!  I hope we are able to go to their performance.  Glitter & Rust will be performing Friday, August 2nd at Panorama Days - 4PM under the Gazebo on the Square.  So, I'm assuming it is at Lake Panorama, or at least Panora.  That's tomorrow, wow!


It will be great to hear the two of them and to see what type of songs they will sing.  I wonder if they will have a dbx driverack at musicians friend.  

Regardless, I'm sure it will be fantastic!  Hope to see you there.  So, if you're in the area......come on over!

In the Beginning....

was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.   Yep, Tuesday night was our normal Bible Study night at Steve II's.  I just love it that we have that study together.

This week was the first chapter in the New Testament.  Woohoo!  I love that chapter.  It tells about the angel coming to Mary and telling her about how the Holy Spirit would come over her and she would carry the son of God!  How exciting.  It said, "And Mary pondered these things".

Wow, could you imagine talking to an angel of the Lord?  No, I can't either, but how cool is that?  The Story goes on to the birth of Christ and on up until his parents found him in the church questioning and talking with the church elders.  Wow!  And with that, I will up the book of John and see for yourself!

My Husband Is So Wonderful

We've decided to get the old patio area torn out and new cement poured.  One day Steve grabbed his sledge hammer and started swinging.  A few days of that and then Steve II came out and helped.  Between that day and a few more days of hard work for my husband and it was all broken up.

After that, Steve spent a while (quite a while) picking up the broken cement and threw it in the back of his truck.  The ones that were actually rocks went aside in a separate pile to go to my rock garden.  Pretty soon it was bare ground.

Hopefully soon we will have a new patio.  Steve's comparing cement with pavers, wood, etc., to determine the best cost. 

Then, after we get the patio done, we will be getting a new picnic table or at least a large table and chairs with summertime outdoor cushions.  The time cannot go fast enough for me.

I'm really looking forward to sitting outside again on a patio!

Friday Night Study

Tonight I went with Steve to his Mom's Assisted Living Center for the weekly Bible study.  I didn't go last week as I went to a Ladies (from church) get together, and it was good.

It was so good to see Madge, Ruth, Hazel, and expecially Elsie (my mother-in-law) known as Mom to me.  I just had to hug each one of them. 

Once again, it was a good study, Steve puts his heart into it.  Do you attend a Bible study?

My Body is Tired

After taking the trip to Alabama and back (19 hours for us each way) in a 4 day period, my legs are in bad shape.  Heather's are too.  Ankles and feet swelling.  I also have swelling on the left knee.  Don't know if you've ever experienced it or not but it is painful.

Both my knees have absolutely no cartilage behind either knee cap.  Joy of joys.  My left knee is causing serious pain.  I need to have both knees replaced but I'm sure not looking forward to it.  I had the fluid drawn out and cortisone put in.  Then I had a migraine for 5 days.  I'm leaning toward doing that again as the pain is getting bad.

I sure hope someday soon we will be able to buy a ranch house.  I can no longer handle stairs any more.  I'm not sure our stairway will be able to be adapted to have a stair chair lift, as our stairway has a few turns in it.

I wished we could come into some money soon so we could get that house we want.  The ones in the paper are way out of our range.  Even if we get a ranch, I want a finished basement so I'll still need the lift.

Sad Times

In the past 2 months, Steve and I have gone to three funerals.  Not much fun.  The first one was for Steve's nephew by marriage.  Donny was only 40 years old.  How sad.

The second one was for my sister, Jackie.  She had gone in for surgery for cancer on her lung.  Went through the surgery fine.  She was in ICU (she only weighed around 76 pounds).  Her surgery was Monday.  On Thursday night her breathing started slowing down.  Then she asphyxiated and coded.  They brought her back.

My brother-in-law called my sister, Sue, in CB, stating it didn't look good.  A half hour later she called me back and said, Jackie died.  Her body was just worn out.  So we made a trip down.  Steve, Heather, Josh, Abby, and myself (driving).

The night we arrived, Josh got a call from his wife, her dad had a heart attack.  Some time passed (maybe 2 weeks) and Tom died.

It's been a sad time for our family.

The Next Study

Steve has checked into the next study he wants to do for the assisted living center.  I looked it over and wasn't convinced.  I'm hoping to look at whatever Lutheran Church of Hope has in it's study area.  Not just do what the church is doing again.

Until then, I'd like to get a time of music set up for them.  It would be great if we could get Steve with his guitar to play some music.  However, with his shoulder still healing, that won't be happening very soon.  And, at the moment, I don't know anyone else who plays so that is that.

Now to figure out what kind of music would they like?

Do you think it would be Beethoven or Bach?  Or something in the country mode?  Let me know if you come up with any ideas.

Damages All Around

My daughter, Heather, called me last night to tell me the neighbor across the road was in his garage when the twister went through his back yard.

Watching the news on television, shows a lot of trees down, a few roofs damaged or torn off, but no loss of life or injuries that we know of.

Our electricity came back on around 11 PM last night.  You don't think much about electricity until you no longer have it.

So what's happened around your neighborhood?

Severe Weather

We had plans to go to Steve's Mom's assisted living center to show the DVD 'Courageous', which is an awesome movie.  Unfortunately the weather had other plans.

We knew by the time we were leaving that the weather was coming.  Had we looked at the weather earlier, we could have postponed the movie.  As it was, we knew we were taking a chance with having both vehicles outside with the storm coming.

It was good that we were there.  When the Tornado alarm went off, Steve and I helped go door to door to get the residents either in their own bathrooms, or the Media Center (where we had planned to play the show).  I was surprised at how many chose to stay in their own bathrooms.

By the time the threat had passed (after terrible hail and rain), it was probably 7:30 PM.  We then started the movie, and since being started late, not all were able to watch it to the end as they had to get to their rooms and  get their meds, etc.

We made sure Mom was in her room, then headed home.  We'd heard electricity was off by my friend, Linda, so we'd hoped there was a chance ours would be on.  Not to be.  We didn't realize the amount of damage done to our yard until this morning.

First seen was everything that had been on the large table was blown off.  The Thermometer was broken into 3 or more pieces.  I guess Shelley won't be painting it for me.  Then the cherry tree is seen.  Completely down on the ground.  That makes me the saddest.  It made it through the last tornado when it lost a third of the tree.  Yet, it still blossomed and produced cherries.  This time, it won't be having cherries. 

It's funny, some of the flowers still remain, yet it blows over a tree.

Steve is heading out to the garage to unroll the cover for the back of his pickup to engage the auto-adjust toggle clamps.  After looking at the Saturn, doesn't appear to have any hail damage.  The truck has some, but not enough to repair.

Hope you made it through the storm with little problems.

Just Browsing

I haven't been here in a while as I am sick again.  Having problems w/my digestive system.  Feels like running a razor blade sideways down the inside of my stomach.  When that goes away, nausea sets in.  Sometimes I get the razor blade pain a few times a day.

I've had all kinds of testing, even ate scrambled eggs that have something radioactive in them.  Then they took some type of picture every 15 minutes.  Turns out, I have a slow digestive system.  Ok, what do I do?  I've tried eating smaller meals, more times a day.  Didn't help.

Enough for now on me.  While looking at my blog, noticed someone else is putting links on my words which leads you to somewhere else.  Great, huh.  I've reported it and think I'll go lay down now.

Hope YOU'RE having a great day!

Steve II Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Steve's birthday.  35 years old Monday!  He told me he turned 25, ha ha.  Either I'm younger than I feel, or I had him when I was way older than I thought.

Amber threw the party and it was great.  Her Mom, Suzy, brought her version of Maidrites and I brought mine.  It was funny, her family ate hers and mine ate the one I made.  Lexie, Amber's sis, made homemade pretzels and cheese sauce, YUM!

Good food, good cake, and everyone had a great time.  Just wish you were there!

Crossing the finish line

Abby again. I was thinking back to how many different things I have gotten into over the years. I have done dance, gymnastics, tae kwon do, cheerleading, band(for one semester), choir, track(for one practice), basketball camp(didn't even make it through that), volleyball camp, and who knows what else. I tend to get really into something for a little bit, and then I lose interest.

There was one point where I thought I would learn how to play the guitar. I asked my dad if he would give me lessons. We did one lesson. Maybe two. But that was it. And at the beginning, i was sure I was going to end up buying a guitar and play like a rock star.

It's a good thing I didn't purchase a guitar since I didn't get too far with learning how to play one. I'm not sure why I do that. I get so excited for something and then I get bored with it. There are so many things that I don't understand about myself. You would think that by the time I turned 27 I would know myself pretty well. It's amazing how much you can surprise yourself.

I am proud of the race I ran, though. I was nervous to pay the money to run the race, because I know my track record with sticking with things until the end. I went ahead and paid and started practicing. I started to lag on the practicing just a little bit. Then I got sick. I quit running so I could recover. I ran two days before the race and then race day came and I did it! I ran all but about 20 seconds of a 5K Susan Komen Race for the Cure. I was so proud of myself. Next time I get discouraged, I will think back the the memory of how good I felt to cross that finish line, and I will press on. Signing off for tonight, Abby.

And It's 10:00 PM

Well, it is about time for Steve and I to go to sleep.  I know I am ready, I think he is, too.  Ab's been standing in for me on my blog since I've been sick.

I sure love my baby!  I need to get healthier so I can go see her two kids again (and her and Justin, of course).

Nighty night!

My wish list

So I was thinking about what I want to do this summer to our house and yard. We need to paint our siding and get new shingles on our roof. We need new gutters and soffet. I want to get seed and get some grass growing in our back yard under the tree and near the garage. 

Last year we bought the kids a new swing set. Now, it wasn't like anything you would get at swing sets arlington va but it is still a really nice set. We just need to power wash it and re-stain it. 

After we get our taxes back we will concentrate on paying off our credit card. We can then start really saving up so that in the future, we can make big purchases with money from our savings instead of on a credit card. OR we could make the purchase on a 0% interest credit card and make monthly payments with that money we had stashed away. That way we could keep gaining interest on the money in the savings account. Signing off for now, Abby.

The Mentalist

Now I'm watching The Mentalist, another good movie I like to watch.  Steve and I are in our assigned seats, he's on the couch reading the newspaper.  I being in my rocker, watching TV.

I will be getting another steroid injection March 26 in my SI joints.  Cannot wait until it's done.  Linda actually said she might be able to take off work and take me to it.  That way I won't have to drive home afterwards!!!

Let me introduce myself

This is Abby, Kathy's daughter. I am standing in for my mom today as she is sick. I will tell you a little about myself. I am 27 years old, married, and have two children. They are Kayla, 4 and Aiden, 1 1/2. They keep me busy when I'm not at work.

I worked a closing shift today. I'm the department supervisor at a home improvement store. I was off yesterday, so I was nervous of what I would be walking into today. I was pleasantly surprised. My associates got a lot of inventory tagging done for me and the department was in great shape.

I would say, overall, today was a good day. I don't always have positive days, but the past few have been great! When I was walking into work today, I was thinking, "I need to get some new arnette sunglasses." I love sunglasses and have to have a pair in my car and my husband's car so I always have a pair when I need one.

My eyes are very sensitive to light, so that is why I have to have my sunglasses at all times. Even on a cloudy day, there I am, the only one wearing sunglasses. Its crazy, I know. Signing off for today. Abby

I Am Sick of Being Sick

I just talked with Abby.  She is concerned with me being nauseated for so long.  I finally gave in and told her I would give in and call my doctor's office if I am still nauseated tomorrow.

Man, Steve is in the kitchen and it sounds like he is making popcorn.  You know, the sounds of a pan going on the stove, popcorn being poured into a measuring cup, etc.  I hate being sick!

36 Years

Well, this July 9 will be 36 years for Steve and I to be married.  Cool, huh?  And, I'm so in love with my husband.  And I know he is in love with me.

Are you married?  If so, for how long?  When Steve and I had our 25th Anniversary, he bought me a beautiful diamond filled ring guard.  I bought him a ring with diamonds (his wedding band was plain).

I'm still banking on a trip to Hawaii some day.  Though, I didn't get it for my 35th anniversary, but he said maybe when he retires which should be in one year and nine months.  I'll be looking for it.

I even tried to get Sue and Jackie to meet us there and we'd each have our own rooms.  I'll keep dreaming.

They've Gone Home Now

Josh and Tay went home.  Steve's in the house and we are in our respected seats.  Steve on the couch and me in the rocker. 

I'm watching one of my favorite shows and the Mayor is being her evil self.  This is a new show and I'm glad it is, because it gets old watching shows over again.

I want to make sure Josh and Tay made it home safely.  I'll give them a call.

Mash Is On

Do you remember watching Mash when you were younger?  I loved watching it then and I love watching it now.  It's on Sunday thru Friday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Not only that, but we check out the series on DVD and watch it also.

Steve's favorite is the 1st and 2nd Seasons when Colonel Henry Blake is in charge.  He is pretty funny.  Also, he likes any show that Colonel Flagg appears.  He is a real hoot!  I like them all.

Today's show is about Hawkeye taking a week off of alcohol, which makes him happy the first two days.  After that, he was very cranky.  Towards the end of the show, he gets an enemy male on his table to operate.  Unfortunately, the enemy has a grenade in his hand.

I wonder if they made the design online of that grenade.  It sure didn't look like any I've ever seen.  Wait a minute, I've never seen one (except on TV).

And, next, on TV is 'Once Upon a Time', which is another favorite show of mine.

Taylor Is Excited

When Taylor came in the house, I asked if she was going to try the gun out, also.  She gave me a big smile and said, "Yes, I can hardly wait."

The waiting must be killing her.  Josh has to fix the sights before they can really have at it.

Man, I wish I felt better, I'd be right out there with them.  Steve went to the garage to find ear plugs so their ears can be protected.  I hear gunshots so they must have fixed the gun.

The Sound of Guns

Josh applied and was approved for a gun permit a while back.  Today, he brought out his new gun and is outside practicing.  Tay is here with him and she's waiting her turn that she will get to practice too.

The first two shots went to the left and beyond the target.  So, out comes the gun's paperwork to see how to adjust the sights.  If I felt better, I'd be out there with them.  Yep, still nauseated.  I figured you guessed that.

Of course, if I felt good, and if I got a turn, I'd probably have to stand on a car lift to be able to be tall enough to aim at the target.

The last time there was practice shooting, it was rifles, and I did indeed get to try it out.  However, I never hit the targets.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.

Need to Get Ink

Why does the black ink always run out before the color?

Man, I'm getting hot flashes again.  They bite!  On top of being nauseated all the time, this is worse than being pregnant.  Cause at the end, you don't get a gift!

What a Week

I have been nauseated since last Tuesday.  Yesterday, the nausea actually lifted but I felt like I was about to lose my equilibrium.  Yuck.

Today, the nausea is back in full force.  Oh, well.  I'll try to go outside for a while.  The cool air makes me feel better, but I cannot stand up very long.  Steve is like "maybe you should get some exercise".  Not, unless it is upon a horse.  That way I could lean forward to lay down if I need to.

What do you think, would it help nausea?

What Do You Do?

If you do not work outside the home, what do you do all day?   Do you watch television, read, crochet, scrapbook, or do you have some other hobby to keep you busy?

I love to read and, though I have three boxes of books in the closet unread, I love to go to the Public Library to get books that I'm unable to buy.

At other times, I am on the computer writing on this blog, or playing Words With Friends with my two sisters, my daughter, and my neighbor.

I also check out DVDs from the library and when I am watching them, I crochet.

Let me know what you do.

The Snow Again

After 5 inches of snow, my angels are all under the white stuff again.  I hate it when I cannot see them.  I look forward to the day when I can go outside to sit.

What I would really like to have is an aluminum bench to sit on.  You can get some pretty ones for the back yard.  I would like anything that I didn't have to take in and out of the house daily.

That way we'd have more places for people to sit on when my family comes over.  Now, we have to drag out all our chairs and many of my kids bring their own chairs with them.

Such Weather

Well, after having a few comparatively warm days, the snow started.  And it snowed, snowed, snowed.  Our road had not been plowed as of 3:30 PM today.  Steve almost lost control twice just trying to drive to the Interstate.

It's supposed to get in the 40's this week.  I can hardly wait.  It will be so nice to go outside without freezing my nose off.  Then when the little grandkiddees come out, they might be able to play a while.

How is the weather where  you live?

When Steve Comes Home....

I'm  going to ask him to get his guitar out and start practicing again.  Our grandkids need to hear him play.

We used to go over to Steve's Mom and Dad's house and Bert would get his guitar out, Steve would have his guitar, and sometimes Tom would play the base (I think).  It was wonderful.  My kids remember a lot of those times when they would play together.

Sometimes Bert would have friends over, one played the banjo.  They would play together.  Sometimes I'd sing with them if I knew the song.  Other times I would just listen and watch.  It is always wonderful to be around music.

Heather played the clarinet at school, however, her music teacher said she could pick up any instrument and play.  She played the piano at home.  I did too, but I was not good at it.  Once you changed what key it was in, I was lost.

I want our grandkids to love music, especially guitars, like my kids did.  Do you have any music in your house?

A Warmer Day

I never thought I'd say this, but having the temp at 39 degrees that seems warm (compare to the cold windy days we've been having).  Can you believe it?  That's Iowa's weather for you.

The sun is out and there's a little wind, but, hopefully, the snow will start melting.  I hate winter.   I think we are supposed to start getting snow again tonight.  I sure hope all this snow will help the farmers next spring.  I can't think of anything else positive about our weather.

I just talked to Abby, she's going to walk the mall and she told me she had the kids with her.  I said, "You're going to walk the mall with the two kids?"  She answered, "We'll see."

Steve is on his way to the Y and then will clean the church after that.  That means he won't be home until early evening. 

Hope your weather is better than ours!

Just a Dusting They Said

Residents in Iowa are beginning to be leery watching the weather forecasters predicting the upcoming week's weather.  The last storm was supposed to hit us and it went around us. We were thankful.  This storm was initially predicted to give us 'just a dusting' of snow.  We got 7.9 inches yesterday and it snowed all night and so far all of today.

Many people are commenting they want to move south or to Arizona.  My thoughts entirely.  I've lived in Iowa my whole life and my whole life I've hated winter that I remember.  Such a deal.  I'd rather be in Hawaii!

Our road is normally the last to be graded, thank you very much.  What if I needed to print presentation folders?  I wouldn't be able to even get to the Interstate or the highway to do it.

It's all ridiculous anyway.  If I had a severe asthma attack or a heart attack it would just be too bad.  I remember one year a girl down the road had a severe asthma attack and they had to have the grader go before the ambulance to make a way to get to the hospital.

I guess I'll be happy with the health I'm in and pray for good health in the future.  Certainly can't depend on anyone else.  Have a great day!

It's Icky Out

Just has been raining all day and the temp is near 40 degrees (thank goodness).  Hopefully, this will help the farmers out (and the rivers).  Have a great day!


I had a cortisone shot in my knee yesterday.  Woke up at 5 AM with the mother of all headaches.  Is that correlated.  Just saying.....

Celebrating Steve's Bday

We finally did it!  As you know, I was sick on Steve's birthday on December 24, 2012.  I wanted him to go on without me.  He didn't want to.  So we stayed home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Today, we finally all met (except for a few) at Shang Yuen for the greatest Chinese food in all Des Moines.  Heather's husband wasn't there, nor were Steve's girls, but Amber was there!  Josh's Shelley and Taylor weren't there and Abby's Justin was gone, also.

I always order Shrimp Fried Rice.  The shrimp is so big you have to cut it in half or even thirds.  Yum!   Steve normally orders Hot Braised Pork (as does Josh).  For some reason they were out of pork so they both ordered Hot Braised Chicken.

I'm not sure what the rest ordered, but it was fun watching everyone eat and talk.  Little Aiden was eating with a spoon all by himself.  It was so cute.

What did you all do today?

A Box of Music

One thing I haven't talked about is the box of music Steve brought home from his Mom's.  There's a record there (78 rpm) called Sweet Memories by Floyd Kamerick with Midwest Rangers (Grand Ole Oprey was on the A side).  This record is very old.  The top of the record says 'Winterset, Iowa and by Leonard Austin and Eldon Hope Pub., Co.'  Leonard was a friend of Steve's parents

There are also a whole assortment of songbooks in the box.  With Steve again playing his guitar, they will give him a whole assortment of books to play music from. 

I'm so excited to be surrounded with music again.  Some day when you visit our house, you may happen upon Steve playing his guitar!

These Are The Last Ones

These are from Alyce's birthday party.  She was so excited as you can see in the pictures.

Alyce is patiently waiting while Mom lights the candles.

You can see the smile is starting to appear.

And finally, she looks at Grandma to take the best picture.

Steve has been practicing on his Dad's Gibson, each time until his fingers hurt.  He knows he has to get callouses on his fingers in order to enjoy playing without pain.  Did you know that? That they have to get callouses on their fingers?

Steve tried to teach me basics on the guitar many years ago.  It hurt way too much for me.  I love the sound and look of someone playing the guitar, but I don't like pain.  And my fingers are so little and have very little reach to hit all the keys.  I gave up.

I'm glad I gave up in a way.  If I had learned and then had to give it up due to the bone spurs in my thumb joints, it would be a great heartache. 

Steve's not going to give it up.  He loves music and it brings back great memories of his family playing music!

More of the Same

These are more Thanksgiving pictures.  Above, the kids hide in Kayla's closet, Kat is peaking in. 

Here, Alyce and Cambria are running out (apparently not wanting to be caught)

                                Cambria is excited and blinked as I took the pic.  She's still so cute, though.

                                I'd say Tay is worn out by the kidlets, but I think she was just tired.

The Doors Of My Life

If you read my blog, you know we got new inside and outside doors for the entryway.  It has made a tremendous difference in the warmth in the house.  As long as you shut the door properly, absolutely no air comes in. 

Now I want to get a new door that you can go outside from the living room.  I think we will look at virginia beach doors.  We again need inside and outside doors (or at least an outside one).  The inside door is fine but hard to open and close.

Being married to a carpenter does have its bonuses (when they will get to work).  Right now, with Steve being off, I may start leaving hints to have him get a new outside door and fixing the inside one so it will open easier.

I can't wait to have two sets of doors that I love.

Little Kidlets

Little Aiden, I can't remember what he's pointing at, maybe it's someone in the kitchen.

This is Kat in Kayla's bedroom as I was going around trying to get candid shots.

I love this picture of Cambria, she's playing with Alyce and Aiden.

And, of course, the best friends, Carter and Christian.  When they get together there's usually running involved.

Let's Dream Again

It's been quite a while since I put my thoughts on paper (electronically speaking).  It's funny how your dreams change as you get older (probably cause you grow up somewhat).

Years ago, I just wanted a house big enough for our family, a nice car, healthy kids, and to live long enough to see all my grandchildren be born.  Then I wanted a smaller house (as the kids left the home), a newer car, and healthy kids and grandchildren.

Right now, I wouldn't mind just making plans to rent a beach house somewhere where it's above 75 degrees.  I'd take a couple outfits, a suitcase full of books to read, and a couple 12-packs of Dr. Pepper. 

We'd do the norm, stock up at the local store for breakfasts and lunches and eat out at supper.  That's what we always did when we took the kids on vacation (less expensive that way).  As for now, I think I'll be dreaming in my sleep.

Thanksgiving Pics

Abby so wonderfully gave us her house for our Thanksgiving Dinner.  She has more room than us.  This first pic is Abby and Taylor (posing).

Josh and Carter

Steve and Josh

And Pato.  This is all after we ate, you can tell we were full!

Looking For Help

I walked around on crutches for one day.  Then I went to get a knee immobilizer and walked with that on and used one crutch.  After a few days, I walked with just one crutch, no immobilizer.  Eventually, I bought a cane.

I could walk with the cane and it made my leg feel better, but my hand jiggled a lot on the cane, so it seemed a little scary.  Then, Steve brought me an old platform cane from his Mom's.  It is what I need but the tips of the cane are mostly gone.

This would be so much easier if I had hurt my ankle or foot.  I could get one of those knee walkers at  Unfortunately it is my knee that was hurt.

I bought a platform cane to try it out.  The platform still isn't that sturdy.  I do better on the crutch.  So I am back on the crutch again.  I don't see the orthopedic doctor for another week.  Bummer.  I do have PT three days this week, hope it will help.

This is a day I was over at Steve's.  Jadah is eating an ice cream cone, Steve is checking a text, and below is Sydney.

Below is a pic of Heather hiding behind something.

Is My Favorite Show On Tonight?

I love the show 'Once Upon A Time'.  It's a show about nursery tales:  Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White (not to mention the Seven Dwarfs), Little Red Riding Hood, etc.

The show is acted by real people and is set in a town where they cannot leave.  It jumps back and forth in time but is really good.  There are  very few shows that I really get attached to.  Chicago Fire is another one.

Then there are the old shows that I get on DVD (no commercials!)  Let's see, there's Mash, Little House On The Prairie, Bones....these are a few of the wonderful things on DVD.

The only thing bad about sitting here watching TV is this disgusting carpet.  If we lived in North Carolina, I'd call carpet cleaners durham nc.  We have so many stains on the carpet, yuck!

Well, it's 7:00 PM now and my favorite show is on, so bye for now!

Latest Pics

Just thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken.

Aiden on the swingset for a short while.

Mikayla decided to swing for a while, too.

Steve giving Abby a few pointers.

Justin, Jordan, and Taylor.

Still on a Crutch

My leg is still painful when I walk without my crutch.  If I use it for a couple days, the pain is light.  I can even walk without the crutch for a short while.  Then the pain comes back with revenge. Sometimes the pain is as bad as it was when I broke my arm.  Back to the crutches.

Steve is in Winterset at his Mom's again.  I think there were two or three rooms left last night.  I can't say envy them the work they are doing.  It's already 6:00 PM and he's still not home.  Maybe he needs a Momentum Vortech Watch.

I have know idea what we're going to have for supper.  Just don't feel good enough to cook.  But, what's knew, I never like to cook anymore.  Steve rarely cooks, once in a while he cooks bacon but, that's pretty much it.

Steve and the Girls

Steve, Amber, Sydney, and Jadah came over to visit for a while.  It was wonderful!  I just love it when they come over.

I showed them the chest of drawers Steve got that used to belong to Cleo and the sewing machine that has to be an antique.  They loved them, too.  I wish I had more of my parents things.  I do have the china closet and buffet, which I will always cherish.

Do you have anything that means a lot to you?

A Surprise for Steve

I got up with the 'scraping razor' feeling in my stomach again, today.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  Plus the normal nausea that I have every morning that I get up early.  So, I did not go to church.  Steve went by himself.

It's 10:46 AM, now, and I feel better.  At least the razor feeling is much less, the nausea is less, too.  I get so tired of having these feelings.  It's not going to stop me from going to Steve's surprise party.  Since we had to cancel his birthday party due to my having the flu (stomach) on his special day, we are making up for it now.

I'm going to have to figure out how to have him here at the right time so we can arrive at Shang Yuen by 5:30 PM.  I've been thinking about him getting ready to go.  I wonder if he'd like a dovo straight razor.  Instead of his throw away ones he uses.

I sure hope my stomach settles down by the time we are supposed to leave.  Prayers would be nice.  I always appreciate it when family and friends send prayers up.  Bless you all.

Time For Bed

I'm watching 'Little House' for the second time so Steve can watch it, too.  We're almost to the end of the story.

Time sure flies when you're having fun, or  atleast, enjoying yourself.  I think Steve is coming down with something as he keeps clearing his throat every once in a while.  It can't be the show, although the ending is pretty sad.

It's funny, I'm also reading a book by Melissa Gilbert, 'Prairie Tale' .  It is her biography which includes her life from birth on.  It is awesome.  A suggested reading by all means.

Back in the Old Days

I just love the Facebook game that's called Words With Friends.  I'm playing it with Abby right now!  You can play across town or across the country.  Sometimes my sisters Jackie and Sue play it with me.  They are both better than me.  Of course, they've played a lot longer than me and know a lot of weird words to play.  Who ever heard of qi?  Abby asked me what it meant after saying, "You and Jackie, what's with the words qi and qis?" I have to admit I don't know what it means.  I guess I better look it up sometime.

Since watching 'Little House on the Prairie', I've been thinking about what it would have been like living back in those days.  Going off to a new state because the government gave you 160 acres of land free.  Cutting down trees to build your family a home, cutting notches in them so they will fit together to create air tight (or nearly air tight) walls.

Then you go hunting for supper and get chased by some wolves, so you end up dropping the game you shot, only to have the wolves follow you home and endanger your livestock.  Not to mention the thought of Indians in the area.  I guess there were hard times for our pioneers. 

Although, it would do you no good if you were a pioneer, click here for San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer.  San Diego is a long ways from home.

Caroline sure had a lot of pluck when it came to being a pioneer woman.  I wouldn't have made it back then, I'm too much a pansy.

Letters Fom Yesteryear

When Steve came home from his Mom's he had a lot of letters Josh had written her when he was in the service.  He is planning on getting them back to Josh.

He told me that he told them to just throw away the ones he wrote his Mom.  I can't believe it.  Why would you throw away a part of history?  Those letters meant something to his Mom, they should mean something to him.

I would love to read them.  As far as I know, they are thrown in with the trash to be taken out.  How sad :(

Healthier Eating

As you know I've dropped from 188 lbs. down to 160 lbs.  That took me approximately a year to do that.  Next came the hard part.  Trying to get below 160.

I've been fluctuating between 158 and 165.  Very frustrating.  I've hit what I call the 'plateau'.  Once I get down to 158 I get so excited.  Then I go and do something stupid like eating pizza.  Just takes two pieces and my weight is up by two pounds.  I'm not kidding.

I'm thinking about getting portion size plates.  What do you think?  Something has to change.  I weighed 103 lbs. when I became pregnant with Heather.  Couldn't gain weight.  When I was in the ninth grade, my Dad used to give me money to pick up a milkshake after school. (I weighed 65 lbs. in the eighth grade.)

Now I can't lose it.  Such a drag.

Saturday Night

Well I've already watched the Premiere of 'Little House on The Prairie', 'Just Like Heaven' (with Reese Witherspoon), and now I'm watching "Criminal Minds'.  I haven't been outside much as it is freezing outside, although I think the wind has calmed a little.

The bad thing about watching TV is the commercials.  I abhor commercials.  You watch about 13 minutes of a show and then pause for 3 or more minutes for who pays for the show to air.  The best thing about watching DVDs is not pausing to watch commercials.

On to the show...

The Drum

Today Steve brought home a few things from his Mom's house.  One thing was a drum that Tom used to play on.  It brings back memories.  Memories of going to Steve's Mom and Dad's and listening to Steve and Bert playing their guitars.  Sometimes Bert would sing, sometimes I would sing along.  Usually I didn't know the words.

A lot of times the kids would play with toys  while they listened to the music.  They always got excited when they knew we were going and Daddy was bringing his guitar.  I just know someday we will have a musical family.  We can record our own music.  How awesome would that be!

Does your family play music or sing?  I know my dream of having my family becoming the next hit parade is just that, a dream.  But sometimes dreams come true!