Steve's Birthday

As you all know, Steve's birthday is Dec. 24. He turned 60 this year, which means I'm not far behind. We decided to surprise him with a party at Shang Yuen.

I told him we needed to meet Abby at 5 so she could give him her Christmas gift as she worked on Christmas day. After driving to I-80, he asked me where we were meeting her. I told him on Hickman where she was doing something else on her day off. When we passed 63rd street, he asked me where on Hickman were we meeting. I told him I wasn't sure, somewhere near Hickman and Merle Hay Rd.

He asked me if it was some where on the corner. Nope! I'm thinking by then he knew where I was heading. Anyway, we usually try to go to that Chinese restaurant every year. When I pulled into their parking lot and parked, I said, "We might as well get something to eat while we wait."

He asked me if we should pull tables together (before someone else came in and took them). Yep! He knew. I smiled sheepishly and said that was a great idea. They ought to give out trophies for guessing ahead of time that a party was planned.

Oh, well, we all ate and opened presents and it was fun and yummy. Steve loved every gift given to him: Heather - a money clip with her 4 kids pics on it (looks like diamonds surrounding it) and a sweatshirt that he's already worn, Steve II - a neat knife that flips out when you push or squeeze something, Josh - A jacket that Steve said is really warm, and Abby - a percolator coffee pot (Steve's been wanting one forever). I know there were more gifts, but I can't recall them right now.

Josh and Shelley gave me a big box that had a beautiful Angel statue with wire wings to add to my collection around my garden. I almost cried when I saw it. Beautiful! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve, the night we celebrate when Jesus was born.


Monday night, or rather, early Tuesday morning, I went to bed at 2:00 AM. At 4:00 my phone rang. It was Abby and she needed someone to stay with Kayla as she had a fever and could not be taken to the sitter.

I set my alarm for 5 and tried to go back to sleep. Since that didn't happen, I got up and took my bath and decided to go to Abby's early. While on my way, I realized it was a good thing I left when I did as I would be arriving at 6:30 when Ab had asked me to be there.

Kayla was a little angel. Even though she didn't feel good, she was so easy to watch. She watched Dora on the TV while I lay next to her (trying not to fall asleep). She ate breakfast and later lunch and finally said, "I don't feel good." Oh, my poor grandbaby, I felt so bad for her. She was a real trouper though. I let her take her nap on the couch, which made her happier.

Justin came home around 3:30 to take Kayla to the doctor. At the appointment, her temp was 102 so Abby stayed home with her kids today. The doctor said she didn't have strepp but did have a virus. Of course, the dreaded virus. Which you do not get meds for. I hate that.

I think what our whole family needs is to go to a family all inclusive resort to relax and have fun. That way we could all build up our immune systems and be ready to take on the world again.

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. May you have a Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Heather!

Since it is after midnight may I be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday! I have prayed that the Lord will richly bless you and keep you all through the day and year. I love you! Mom

A Great Day

I just had the most wonderful day and evening, I had to let you know about it. Today is Wednesday, December 14, (the day before my beautiful Heather's bday). I started out the day by sleeping in (I just love doing that).

Watched a little TV (Nate Burkus ((sp?)) show, then Dr. Phil,) and got my gear ready to head to West Des Moines. I had an hour long massage which was so great, I felt like a wet noodle after it.

On to Glad Tidings for a little food for the spirit. I actually go to an A of G church close to my home but on Wednesday nights they don't have a bible study and I need it. It was as great as expected so once again headed back home.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Steve got a call for work this morning which started the day out even better. It's only for a week but may lead into more so here's hoping. With the heating bills getting higher, we can sure use the income.

I wish our state would deregulate the electric companies so we could choose who we want to be customers of. Then we could have companies competing for us and save 10% or more like people who switch to new jersey energy. Wouldn't that be great to have cost go down instead of up.

We've been using our Heat Surge at night to heat the bedroom. It's really nice and it saves on using our propane. How do you heat your home?

My Poor Aching....

jaw. Had to go in to the dentist (again) to have a filling put in a tooth. I swear, if I get one more check-up with another cavity, I'm going to go stir-crazy. Steve comes home from his check-ups and 'NO CAVITIES' practically every time. It just isn't fair.

I actually had this appointment made for about a month ago. The morning of the appointment I had thrush AGAIN. I get it really easy. That's not fair either. OK, I'll quit whining now, either that or you're going to ask me to pass the cheese.

Really, it went pretty well today but you know how you tend to bite your cheek afterwards cause it gets in the way? That was me totally. Now, it's just a little throbbing where the shots went.  He is so good. Seriously, he talks me through everything he does with a soft voice, it just relaxes me and I don't tense up.

I think I have a check-up appointment in February, can't wait to see if I can say, "No cavities!"

Bday Party for Alyce

Last Saturday Heather and Pato celebrated Alyce's 5Th birthday. What an excited little girl! She is such a sweetheart with such a lovely smile.

Of course, H's family was all there, Steve and Syd were there, Josh's family, Justin, Kayla, and Aiden, and Steve and I rounded out our family. Heather had also invited Angie and Danielle (high school friends) and their kids.

We had maidrites, chips and dip, and, of course, cake and ice cream. The cake was from Hy-Vee, I'm sure. It had that wonderful icing. Of all the gifts Alyce got, her favorite was a little furry puppy in its own purse. Aiden really liked that, too.

I forgot to take my camcorder or camera which really bummed me out but I'm thinking of looking at portable hard drives so I can take my files and pictures that are on my computer anywhere, plus the bonus of not having to worry about a crash anymore! Then, all the pics I take and store on my computer will be safe. What an ingenious idea! I wonder if Heather has one.

Hope you have happy holidays, and stay safe.

Christmas Shopping

Abby and Mikayla met Steve and I at the YMCA Healthy Living Center this afternoon. Abby needed to get into the hot tub and, of course, Mikayla just loves to swim. After spending time in the pool and then the hot tub, we went back to get Mikayla at the pool where Grandpa was playing with her. Abby, Mikayla, and I took showers and then I went with them Abby's. Steve went to church and then came to Abby's later.

Justin had supper ready, so after eating, Justin and Abby went Christmas shopping. They bought so much stuff they considered looking at trailer hitches so they could haul it all home. Seriously, they didn't get that much. Wouldn't that be fun, though?

Steve and I hand out checks (I should say Steve does) to our four kids so they can do the shopping for us for their families. I can remember when we used to go shopping for the whole family. One year we even bought something for everyone in Steve's family, kids included. Since I hurt my back, that is impossible for me. Besides, our kids know more what their kids want or need.

Looking forward to church tomorrow morning. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Turkey Day Was a Blast

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was very, very good. I'd have to say it may be the best I can remember. Everyone in our family was there except Jordan, who was at his Dad's house (or probably his Grandma's).

Steve did most of the preparation for the turkey (and the making of the pumpkin pies the day before) as I ended up having a sinus infection, fluid behind my right ear, and coughing all the time. Normally, we make things together and I tend to get angry because we do the same thing every year, yet he has to be walked through it all (getting the turkey and dressing ready). By the time we're with the family, I'm normally so upset I can scream. This year, okay, there was the normal "I don't know how to do this"; but although that irritated me (cause I wanted to get into the tub and didn't feel that great), we didn't argue or become angry. It's a miracle!

Once we got to Heather's, who graciously offered up her home for the day, everyone was happy and Steve brought his new girlfriend, Lavonda, and her son, Matt, and she got along with everyone great. Oh, he also brought Syd and Jadah, too. After eating, the kids showed us what they could do (head stands, cartwheels, backbends, etc.) and I recorded most of it and took a lot of pics with the camera, too. We even got Heather and Abby to do some things.

Wednesday, Steve went to the orthopaedic hand surgeon who did my surgery on my thumb joint. He is signed up to have surgery on his left hand in December. At least it's not something major like Open back surgery. This will take 6 to 8 weeks off work, but since he's not working still, anyway and it doesn't sound like it will start up again until possibly January, he might as well take the time to do it now.

I was thinking about having my left hand done; but, thankfully, since my last massage, it hasn't hurt much at all. Hurray! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend coming up.

Veterans Day

Josh and Steve met at HyVee for a free breakfast for veterans yesterday. Then he went about his normal routine, YMCA, etc. I went to Abby's after dropping off my allergy serum schedules at the doctor's office.

I was at Abby's to give her a hand with the kids so she could try and get some rest as she's been sick for some time. Later she went with Justin to his doctor appointment and they went to eat before coming home.

Then, Steve and I went to Olive Garden (meeting Josh there) for dinner. Again, they were given a free entree as veterans. I had a $5 coupon for my meal and we all ate till we were stuffed. Yum yum!

Back in the car I no longer needed to wear my Maui Jim Sunglasses as it was getting dark out. I drove to Adel to fill up my tank and headed on home. What a great day!

A Change In Weather

Earlier today I spent very little time outside as it was rainy (all day long) and chilly. There's nothing drearier than a rainy day with little to do. Tonight I went outside again and this time it was snowing. Oh, brother! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :) Actually, the flakes are very large and wet. The sidewalk is getting a slushy look to it (although, the weatherman said it wouldn't stick to the sidewalks). Of course, the grass is getting a nice clean (white) covering. Tomorrow I have two appointments and then church in the evening. The first appointment is to have a tooth filled (now that I have dental insurance again). The second appointment is for a massage (I can hardly wait!) and that is a must. It's at 5:30, then there should just be enough time to get to church. It's not supposed to snow tomorrow. In fact, it is supposed to be sunny (hallelujah) and should melt away the snow.

Pato's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Pato (actually it is tomorrow); but, he is grilling out tonight, yum! I always love it when he cooks. Actually, I like it when anyone but me cooks. He makes great Mexican food and chicken wings/legs on the grill, yum yum.

I'm waiting for Heather to call me to tell me he got home with the new vacuum so my allergies don't act up. They have one kitten, two dogs, two lovebirds, and 4 budgies. I don't understand how Heather can not react to the animals. I know sometimes she reacts to cats but since they lived with Josh and Shelley, she seems to be better. OR her knew kitten is special.

I'm actually typing this in the computer room as for some reason I cannot always get WIFI in the living room. I think I need a longer plug in directly to the satellite box on this desk. Then I could get a management cable so I wouldn't fall over it.

I wonder what Pato's fixing tonight???? I'm getting very hungry now that I think of it. :) Have a great weekend!

5 Masked Bandits Were In .....

my back yard at two in the morning when I went out to smoke. (I know, I need to quit!) I don't know who was more shocked, me or them. I slammed the door a few times and they took off running. Yes, I'm talking about five big raccoons. You probably guessed that, right?

I will say they did scare me a little. I kept looking all around to see if there were any more. They were pretty content eating the acorns in our yard. We happen to have a few thousand out there. They are welcome to them but, I really don't want them up next to me, know what I mean? The first time I saw one, I thought he (she?) was really cute. They were all really fat. Wonder what the bounty is on them???? :)

By the time I went back into the house, I was pretty chilly.  I snuggled up next to Steve's back (he is virtually a furnace).

A Week Ago Tuesday....

I was asked by Heather to keep an eye on Christiano while she coached Alyce's game. While I waited for her family to pull into the parking lot, I saw Josh drop off Taylor. I put the window down and hollered her name, she turned and waved at me. Josh had to take Carter to his game and then come back to pick up Taylor.

Heather arrived and I took Christiano and Kat to the playground. How weird is that that Jordan, Taylor, and Alyce would all be at the same soccer area. Turned out, Jordan and Taylor's teams played a scrimmage against each other. So for a while I'm yelling, "Go, Jordan" and next it is "Way to kick, Taylor!"

Pretty soon, Christiano is tired of the playground and wants to go see his Mom. We walk over to their area and watch the rest of Alyce's game, then the rest of Jordan vs Taylor.

Afterwards, Josh invited me to watch a DVD with him and the kids. I couldn't turn it down. However, Carter had a different idea as he grabbed the wii remote controller and told us he was going to play.

Josh told him we were going to watch the Zookeeper and Carter picked up a small game to play instead. Taylor sat at the kitchen table doing homework so she didn't watch much of it, but Josh and I liked it.

As soon as Steve gets done with this class he's in, we'll start getting movies again. I can hardly wait for that. Do you have big plans for this weekend? I think we're going to Steve's brother's for a Halloween party. Don't know if we'll be dressing the part or not. Either way, have a great weekend.

Sydney Called

My phone was ringing, when I looked at the screen, I saw it was my granddaughter, Sydney. She was wondering if I wanted to buy some cookie dough, cheese, summer sausage, cheese dips, or soup. She is in the band and they are raising money. Of course, I'd love to come look at what you're selling.

I was pretty hungry at the time and anything sounded good by then. I'll admit, I ordered way too much. One was cream of chicken and rice soup, YUM! and with it you get a baked potato soup.

I told Sarah I'm trying to lose weight and ordering cookie dough is not something I should be doing. She said, "You can freeze the cookie dough for up to 6 months." Yeah right, like it will last that long in my freezer. I ordered the soup combo, chocolate chunk cookie dough, oatmeal raisin cookie dough, and a box with two cheeses and a summer sausage. Then I ordered a snicker doodle cookie dough for Heather which she will pay for when I see her next.

As I was going through my emails earlier I saw a note from my Yearbook section of Facebook. They were asking me if any of the pictures of me were from high school. Nope none of them were. I guess I need to do some document scanning and get my senior picture in there, huh?

I'm looking forward to Friday night as I get to babysit Kayla and Aiden!!! Cannot wait. Steve will probably be at school for extra help so I'll probably be there alone with them. That's okay, then I can hog Aiden all to myself!! TeeHee. Hope you have a good night.

Reflecting Back a Ways

You ever have one of those days when you want to call your Mom or Dad, even though they've been gone for years, then you remember that you can no longer call them. I had one of those days today.

I was watching Abby's two little ones, Kayla who is now THREE years old, and Aiden who is already 2 1/2 months old. They sure grow fast. Aiden is getting his own little personality now. He smiles when he sees Abby and if I encourage him to talk to me, I get a smile, too! Kayla always smiles when she sees me. Earlier this week I was at their house and I was outside. Kayla didn't know I was there yet. She saw my purse and said, "Is Grandma here?" Abby told her I was outside and would be in in a minute. Kayla said, "I love my Grandma, she's my friend!" I know I'm pathetic, but I just eat that kind of stuff right up!

Today I was holding Aiden and helping Kayla figure out what letter to push on her toy. I sat there wishing Mom and Dad could see them now. OK, they're probably looking down on us from Heaven, but, I wish I could have them hold my grandkids now.

I remember my Mom giving up cigarettes so Dad would give her a diamond ring (like he said he would); then, when he didn't do it, she started it up again. Wish Steve would make me an offer like that. I know, I know, I have to WANT to give them up. Then there's Dad going bowling with a pack of his favorite cigars in his pocket. Alright he didn't smoke them that much, but it is a memory.

Sure wish I could talk to them again, see how proud they'd be with how our kids and many grandkids have turned out. Remember, you don't know how much time you have left so live your life as if it could be your or your loved ones last day!

Time to Watch the Kids

Abby has a job interview on Tuesday so I am excited both for her and for me (cause I get to see Aiden and Kayla). This job is in the main Methodist Hospital, too, so it would be closer to her home.

I saw Aiden at church Wednesday night and he changes every time I see him. Kayla is losing her toddler looks and is growing up so fast, too. I know, you can tell I love all my grandkids, can't ya!

I actually lost a few more pounds, however, Steve brought home some homemade pizza Saturday night and we ate it then and also Sunday for lunch. You guessed it! I gained two of the lost pounds back. It is so blessed hard to lose weight. I am thankful, though, that I am still down 14 pounds. I'm going to keep at it.

I've been looking at corsetts online. They aren't what your grandmother used to wear! I'm seriously thinking about saving up to get one tee hee. I could wear it until I lose the rest of the weight! :)

Have a great day!

Labor Day

As normal, our family got together the day before the holiday so most didn't have to work the next day. Each family brought their own meat and I made maidrites for Heather's family and myself.

Steve and Josh both grilled while I cooked the hamburger for the maidrites. Heather brought a couple packages of buns and a French Silk Pie (yum). Shelley and Josh brought a watermelon (besides their meat) and potato salad. Abby and Justin brought a corn/bean mixture and a loaf of crusty bread and both were yummy.

It was a wonderful time of getting together and after dark I got out the graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey bars (which had previously been brought by Heather and Shelley). Time for S'mores. The kids always love it, as do the adults.

Next time we get together we'll be able to use walmart coupons to help purchase things. I can hardly wait.

Little Aiden spent some time outside, but the balance was inside nursing. He is really growing, and Kayla is loving having a little brother. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

I've Been Rejuvenated

This year for my birthday my kids went together and gave me a gift certificate to the Spa at West Glen. My massage therapist's name is Amy and she has magic in her hands. She's a young girl and pretty and sweet as can be.

After going twice (mostly on my certificate), I decided I need to budget going there once a month (a week would be better). Yesterday was my day. I was excited to tell her that after massaging my shoulder area last time, the rotater cuff pain was gone. How exciting is that?

I felt limp as a wet noodle after the massage, found it hard to make myself get off the table. She worked on my low back, mid back, neck and shoulder areas. I'm a little sore today, but hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be free again in movement.

They have other things they do there such as hands and nails, feet, facials, etc., but I'll bet none are as good as premier dead sea. Since two of their ingredients are Dead Sea minerals and seaweed, makes me want to try it.

Anyhoo, I made my appointment for next month and went to Penneys, bought a pair of jeans with my $10 off coupon. Then killed time until church. Another great evening. Hope you have a great weekend.

Finally..... Freedom

I have been struggling lately with going to church and the Y. Don't ask me how that started, but I know how I feel. We were going to a church in Waukee when I started feeling uncomfortable. It seemed like the music portion and the sermon was just a performance to man. It got so I refused to go there anymore, beginning with leaving the service and waiting for my hubby in the car.

We then started going to a church in West Des Moines (Lutheran, which I was raised in). I liked it, but something was missing. We used to go to an A of G church in Des Moines, but quit going there when we moved out west. Finally, I knew I wasn't being fed, felt like my spirit was tied up. I quit going to church at all.

One day my daughter, Abby, invited me to go to an A of G church on the south side not too far from where she lives. I loved it, my spirit felt free! The only drawback was the long drive to get there. When she had her baby, she took a few weeks off from going there.

Meanwhile, I've been seeing Him in everything outdoors and praying out there. I began to feel like that is where I should be. I didn't feel like I needed to be in a building to feel Him.

Yesterday, Steve asked me to go with him to Abby's church. My whole self rebelled, but I made myself go to be with Steve and Abby. Once inside the church, I felt my spirit soar again. Finally.....freedom. That is where I am supposed to be. Heather even told me she'd go next Sunday with me!!!!

To have freedom from criminals stealing information from your credit cards, passports, debit cards, anything that has your important information on them, without touching your purse (or wallet), you need rfid blocking wallets. I didn't know people could electronically get your info until I read about these. What a great way to keep creeps out of your personal life!

Until Sunday, have a wonderful day and weekend!

For Love of Aiden

Last Thursday I went with Abby to Aiden's 2 week appt. He is gaining weight, in fact, the doctor said she'd never seen a breast-fed baby gain that much. Hoo hoo, Abby! Mama's milk is rich!

Then the doctor told us she thought he had a hernia in the private area. She said she'd set up an ultra-sound and if he starts crying uncontrollably for 3 - 5 hours to take him to the ER. I asked why it needed fixed if it wasn't hurting him. It could strangulate which could be deadly.

Yesterday was a really hard day for him. He would cry terribly unless you held him. I had brought over the ingredients for scalloped spuds and ham, so after supper when Aiden cried so hard we all became concerned. Steve and I suggested the ER. I called my other kids for prayer and also, my sisters, and my best friend, Linda. It was a very scary time.

Finally Abby called and said he was okay. The crying could be caused by a gassy tummy. I suggested this morning Abby check the nursing book to see what kinds of foods to avoid for that reason. Thank God Aiden is alright.

Abby is losing weight and of course her maternity clothes are toooo big, her pre-pregnancy clothes are not fitting yet. Oh, I remember that time well. Unfortunately, I kept 10 lbs with each child, bummer! I think what I needed was to find the safest diet pills that work.

I'd still like to take them, though I am losing weight (down 13 lbs as of today), I wish I could get some help instead of doing it the hard way. Unfortunately, being on meds for high BP and a fast heart rate does not allow me to take any helpers.

Keep Aiden in your thoughts and prayers, please. He goes to the surgeon a week from Thursday to see if he needs surgery.

Did I Tell You.....

the day after Aiden was born we pulled into the hospital parking lot and got out of the car. Steve immediately said, "You've got a tire going flat." Oh, great! Just what we need and we were going into see the new baby. Life sucks sometimes.

Back into the car we climb, I drove over to a nearby QT, while Steve called Abby to let her know we wouldn't be coming up. Justin had seen us through the window so they were expecting us.

Would have been a good time to have breakdown service. Instead, we filled the tire up with air and by the time we drove back to the hospital, we'd lost 4 lbs of air.

It was the fastest visit to see the baby as we had to get to Walmart quickly before the air went back out. Of course the closest one didn't have time to work on it, so we drove to the Mill Civic Parkway one and luckily we still had some air in it and they were able to get us in right away.

Massage Day

After two postponements, I finally was able to make my appointment with Amy at the Spa at West Glen. Hoo hoo! The first postponement occurred because my wheel bearing needed to be replaced. The second was due to my getting bronchitis.

Let me tell you how wonderful I feel now. Everyone should at least get a massage once a month (not that I do that but if I had the money, I'd do it once a week). You get so relaxed during and after, it is sooooo great.

Tomorrow I am going to the pain control doctor to hopefully get injections in the joint between the leg and body. Then hopefully, I'll be able to take walks again without those joints burning.

After that I am going to Abby's to spend the day. I am so excited, I've been having Aiden and Mikayla withdrawals. I'm finally feeling somewhat better. Steve's been over twice without me (since I was sick) and was able to hold Aiden.

I started having an itchy throat and lungs. It started Tuesday evening before Linda got here. By Friday, I was convinced I had bronchitis. I had an appointment for a recheck on blood work for my blood sugar level and cholesterol that day, so when I saw my doctor she concurred that is what I had and prescribed a Z-pak, a steroid, and medicine for thrush (which I always get when on steroids).

This is a week later and I feel better than last week; however, I am far from being well. Not seeing Aiden is killing me. It's been a week of days that I not only couldn't go see them, but didn't feel like going out. When I get better, and after I get my fill of Aiden and Mikayla, and helping Abby out, I may just surprise everybody and do something new.

I may ask Steve to check into Sierra Designs Tents to get us a 2 or 3 man tent so we can actually go camping. That is something he loves and hasn't really done since we've been married. Surprised?

Abby Had Her Baby

Sunday, July 17Th, 2011, at around 1:45 PM, Abby had Aiden Michael Sleeth, 6 lbs, 15 ounces, 20 inches long. Hallelujah! He had the cord wrapped around his head, so the doctor told Abby to hold off pushing. She then took two clips and placed them around 7 inches apart on the cord, then cut it and the cord fell away.

After he was out, he was placed in the warmer and the nurse was rubbing his back and feet to try to get him to cry loud (to take in oxygen, more). Finally, she put oxygen on him and continued to rub his back. His skin started taking on a more normal color. After a while, they took him down to the nursery to do all the normal things and he was fine!

I cannot tell you what all Abby went through in her pregnancy. A little of it was passing four kidney stones, and terrible back pain. I wished that I was rich and could buy her a new tub fromtubs at bathsofdistinction. They even have some with air massage jets and twin chromotherapy underwater lights. They remind me of the tub Abby had in the hospital. It had lights that changed color, so soothing.

Abby, Justin, Mikayla, and Aiden are home now so all is well and beautiful in the world.

Today was Good

As usual, I normally spend a lot of time outside. Although the thermometer said 88 degrees and above, I felt really great outside. The inside thermostat said 80 all day, but I didn't feel hot at all. Weird, huh?

Heather was telling me about a drink she made herself to help slim her down. It had apple cider vinegar and other things in it. Yuck. I would rather order slimming pills and just take one with water. How about you?

Steve just got home from church so I'd best end this here. He likes to share with me what it was all about. I love that he shares with me. Catch ya later!

A Trip to Winterset

Yesterday afternoon Steve asked me if I wanted to go see his Mom who lives in Winterset. I was feeling kind of down and didn't really want to go anywhere. Then he asked if I wanted to go get a pizza. That sealed the deal.

Off we went and after filling up the Vue, we drove to the Pizza Hut in Winterset. We had called her first to see if she wanted us to pick her up so she could go with us, but Janet and Gene were making something for her supper already.

We ate a Taco Pizza (my favorite) and then drove over to Mom Manning's house. She was really glad to see us. After we visited for a while, we watched Little House on the Prairie DVD seeing two stories.

This was the first time I'd seen Elsie since she moved back home. None of us like it that she's living there alone. She really needs to be in assisted living. She seemed happy, though, so maybe it will work out.

On the drive home, Steve and I talked about our computers. I'd really like to look into refurbished laptops so Steve can have one of his own. As it is, he uses the old desk top that we've had for quite a while.

Have any of you ever bought a refurbished laptop? Let me know how you like it.


Thirty-four years ago July 9 Steve and I were married! This year, we almost didn't go out to eat because we both were so tired and a little down. The reason? My car had been in the shop since being towed there on the fourth of July.

Finally, we just decided to go ahead and drive into West Des Moines to the Outback. Yum! It's my favorite place to celebrate. We ordered our usual which is the Outback Special (steak), steamed veggies, and a salad each. Before that we decided to splurge and had deep fried mushrooms. Yummie!

After eating too much, I requested a box to go and put half my steak and veggies, plus two pieces of the bread with butter in it. We drove home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

We talked a lot about our lives up to now which got me to thinking about what I would do if something happened to Steve. Did we have enough life insurance on each other? We might just check into life insurance with no exam to see what's out there for us. After talking about serious things we checked in with Abby to make sure she wasn't in labour yet.

Abby is due the 18Th and is having a lot of pain in her back when she stands and walks. I wish Aiden would just decide to be born. I can hardly wait! I'll keep you posted.


As I sat outside this morning in the fresh air, comfortable weather, drinking my iced tea, I looked back at the past week. It was a time of visiting, eating, frustration, and relief.

Last weekend was the 4th of July. As our norm, we celebrated with our family on the 3rd. That way no one had to get up early to go to work. Steve, Josh (mostly) and Steve II grilled, we had a campfire, made S'mores, and watched Justin and Steve II light off fireworks.

Thanks to Justin, who brought a box of fireworks, we had a nice show of color and sound. Most of the kids liked the display. I think the sounds bothered Cambria and Jadah.

The frustration was because my car (Vue) needed a wheel bearing. Steve decided to replace it himself to save $$. I'll leave that story for another setting.

The getting together is always wonderful. I love seeing my kids and grandkids. Abby is 11 days away from her due date (exciting), and has passed 4 kidney stones this pregnancy (ouch!).

The kids (mostly Abby) helped clean up and after hugs and kisses, headed to their respective homes.

As I replayed all this in my mind this morning, I then started thinking about the money we have in a 401 or some type of account. Maybe it would be better invested in something else. Maybe gold or coins.

I think I'll send off for a morgan silver dollar price guide. They look to be safe and secure and have been in business for 37 years. Being new to this I look for places approved by the BBB.

So, how did your holiday go? Drop me a line to let me know!


Since today was Wednesday, I met Abby at her house and then followed her to her church. I just love it when I go there and Mikayla asks me if I want to go to church with her.

Sunday I invited Josh and Shelley to come tonight and I'm happy to say they all came. I was a little worried that Cambria would be upset at going to the kids room. She seemed apprehensive at first, Josh said. But then he walked in and stood her next to Carter and Kayla. She put her hand up and touched Carter's hair and she was fine. Isn't that great?

Wednesday's are more of a Bible study, but I enjoy it. Abby is getting more uncomfortable as the days get closer to her due date (July 18). She had to lean forward twice to get the pressure of the baby to move. I'd best get my camera fixed or else I'll be looking around for a new one.

Last time I had to make a run to buy film for the camcorder while Ab was in labour. I'd best get my ducks in a row this time. I can't wait till I can blog about my new grandson being born!!!!

Father's Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day and half our kids came out. Abby, Justin, and Mikayla came out first. Followed by Josh, Shelley, Taylor, Carter, and Cambria. What a great day!

Of course the mosquitoes were out in force; but, before long, Justin started a fire. He then collected some branches from the fir trees and placed some on the fire. Others he took around the yard we were in, waving them up and down to get smoke all around. It did pretty good!

Once the campfire was going, Josh opened the marshmallows, candy bars, and graham crackers and before long S'mores were made. The grandkids love them. Myself, I just enjoy having the marshmallows.

Since Steve's been working, it was great having the day off and enjoying it with the kids. I'm thankful I'm on social security disability. I don't know what I'd do without it. I'm also glad I was smart in paying off my vehicle while I had the money to do so.

Hope you all had a great Father's Day!

There are a lot of ways an athlete can injure the shoulder in training or competition. Having had a rotator cuff injury and later in life a strain in the same area, I know how bad that pain is. I cannot imagine the pain some of our athletes go through when playing in school athletics or professionally.

Thankfully, now there are shoulder braces for football that you can wear to prevent injury and others for post-injury or post-operatively.

I can remember watching Josh play football when he was younger and worried constantly that he would be hurt. One bad fall could wreak havoc on the shoulder, taking you out of the game, possibly for weeks. I'm not sure if they had shoulder braces then, but you can bet I would have gotten one if I'd known about them.

If you or a family member plays football, be sure to check into shoulder braces to prevent injury for yourself.

Memorial Day

A day to remember our fallen soldiers who gave us freedom. We were planning on having our family (minus Ab as she had to work) out to our house for a day of eating and just getting together.

Unfortunately, my body had a surprise for me. Needless to say, I called Jay and asked if we could move it to his house and I'd stay home. Also, Christiano woke up with a cough that sounded like a seal barking. That made Heather's family stay home, too.

Steve decided he needed to get the weedwacking done, which took until nearly 5 PM. At that point, he didn't want to drive anywhere so he grilled our steak here and we had the macaroni salad he'd bought. I felt better by then so we enjoyed our evening together watching DVDs.

I imagine we'll be receiving Kids Birthday Invitations soon. Sydney and Taylor both have birthdays coming up. Syd will be 10 and Tay will be 13. Man, time travels fast.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day.

Happy Mother's Day...

to all you mothers on this special day. My day started out with Steve II and his girls, Sydney and Jadah, and his friend Steven Keith. They brought over fried chicken and potato salad, yum!

After being here a while, Steve's friend tried to help shorten a swing by throwing the swing over the top of the set. That didn't work. One chain got caught on the other. Since it is so tall they all were trying to figure out how to get it down.

My son, being the Super Dad that he is, climbed up on the platform of the swing set, climbed up to the top of the swing set, and crouched down, taking little scooching steps, holding onto a tree branch (small one), till he finally reached the swing that had the problem. He then kept balancing while reaching down, finally unhooked the chain. I forgot to mention, the whole time he was climbing, I was asking him not to do it, both girls were screaming, "Dad, No!"

Then Steve grabbed his arms around the crossbar, swung down and pushed his legs up at the same time grabbing with his legs. I'm imagining him falling through it all. He finally let go with the legs and hung by his hands, then jumped to the ground, which sent pain from his feet up to his knees.

I'm telling ya, my boys are always giving me gray hairs, they're always doing daredevil things, hooking up component video cables, acting crazy like today or something.

After they left, Abby, Justin, and Mikayla came out, followed shortly by Josh's family. Heather called me earlier that she'd come out Tuesday as she had a migraine today. All my kids went together on a gift certificate at the Glen Oaks Spa. Can you believe it?

As we sat and visited, Abby made a call, then announced that Spaghetti Works was open until 9 pm. That got Shelley all excited and the next thing I know, we're all heading there to eat together (each family buying their own).

We had a great time together, then everyone went their own way. Before I got to the Interstate, Steve asked me to stop at the Skilled Nursing Center his mom was at. We only stayed for less than 10 minutes as she was ready to go to bed. The nurse asked her before we got there if that was the last of her family coming to visit for the day (she has 11 kids - 10 living). Then we show up. We all laughed at that!

Well, hope you all had a great day, I know I'll remember this one for quite a while.

Wednesday Night

Josh called me yesterday and invited Steve and I over for hamburgers grilled on his new grill. I think he really likes the grill and is showing us by cooking for us! Not that I mind not having to make supper.

Since I was going to church with Abby, I had to leave by 6:10, but still had plenty of time to eat a hamburger, potato salad, baked beans, and chips and dip. I can just see the calories adding up.

Supper was wonderful and the church service was too. My spirit felt free for the first time in years. The church is Glad Tidings Assembly of God. People were vocal with praising His name. The bad thing is, it is so far to drive to. But being with Abby made me forget that.

I was glad they didn't have doughnuts and coffee like Abby said they do on Sunday mornings (at least they don't have cake pops delivered) but even when they have refreshments, you don't take either into the church service. That is one thing I've not liked about some of the churches I've been to lately. It seems disrespectful to me.

I had a great night, came home and went to bed.

Josh's Birthday Party

Well, Josh finally turned 31 and he looks just as young as ever. Shelley told me what he was wanting, an infrared grill. Steve and I agreed to put cash towards it instead of just giving Jay a check.

I think Josh knew something was going on, he just smiled when we told him we left his card at home the two times we saw him before and on his birthday. I knew if we gave him a card and no $$, he'd know definitely something was up.

He really likes the grill and he cooked hamburgers, brats, chicken legs, and beef and chicken strips for soft tacos on the day we got together for his big day. Yummy! If I keep eating like this, I'm going to gain weight.

I'm already fighting the pounds I've already put on. I've looked into a few diet pills and one site stood out telling about avesil side effects. Since I'm going to the doctor today, I'll talk to her about how to get help losing weight.

Anyway, back to the party, everyone had a great time eating and talking. It was great, as usual, to see all my kids and most of my grandkids.

Supper at Heather's and Pato's

As I wrote earlier, Pato invited us over on Easter Sunday as he was grilling out. You haven't eaten until you've tried his grilled food!

There were chicken legs (which is one of the things I always get), they have a special seasoning on them that is sooooo good. Also, strips of chicken breast and beef that are sliced very thin, that you can put on a soft shell taco, yum, yum, yum. I also choose the beef on a taco as it is so good with Mexican cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Then there were two different types of brats.

I tell ya, everyone was munching for a long time. Shelley brought rice krispie treats shaped like an egg and dipped in chocolate with candies on top. I know I ate at least three of them.

I'm thinking of checking into those smokeless cigarettes. Jackie and Randy have switched to them and like them. Or maybe I will try out camacho triple maduro which are laced with unsweetened cocoa and coffee. Hmmmmm.

I know I'd best do something, my sis, Sue, has been gently reminding me to quit. If you've recently quit, tell me how you did it. Or let me know what you did for Easter.

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter, He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Steve and I went to church at Lutheran Church of Hope last night for the Easter service. It was okay, nothing like 1st AofG, though.

I haven't been going to church lately, Steve has been there more often than I. I hate going to things where there are a lot of people I don't know. Same thing with the Y. I know I've talked about it before. I can't quite decide how it all started.

I know I was very shy as a child, but thought I'd gotten better over the years. Sometimes I think it depends on whether I'm happy or feeling down. I suppose anything is possible. Now if you see my closet filled with french maid costumes, you'll know it's an up day!

We've been invited to Heather and Pato's as he is grilling today. I'd best end this here to get ready. I SO LOVE IT when I don't have to cook!

A Purity Ring

I decided to start a tradition in our family. As each grandchild nears their 13th birthday, I am going to buy them a purity ring. Neat idea, huh?

For those of you who have never heard of them, they are a ring you wear to say you will wait until marriage to become intimate. With the world spinning as fast as it is and it's telling you that that is old-fashioned, I feel it is a way to remind you to wait so that you have a gift to give each other on your wedding night.

Since Taylor is my first grandchild to near 13 (she will turn 13 in July), she will be the first one to acquire one. Last night we stopped at Josh and Shell's and Tay and I looked for which ring she would like.

We found a really neat one that is really cool. It has three bands, gold, silver, and black and each says 'True love waits'. You can see the ring here.

Have you started any traditions in your family?

Another Birthday

Last Wednesday we went to Heather's to celebrate Katiana's 7th birthday. It seems that all my grandkids just keep growing up!

We had maidrites for supper (with chips and dip, of course). Then we had fruit pizza for dessert (yum!). Finally, Kat opened her presents and it was just great. She received in-line skates, a helmet, knee pads and hand pads, too. She's all set to skate around.

Saturday we again went to their house and had a wonderful Bar-B-Que (hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, soft tacos with chicken and steak). She had a sleep-over with two friends and Taylor that night.

I don't know what I would do without the SSDI process. They were a lifesaver for me. If you are disabled, as I am, I suggest you contact them.

Being disabled doesn't stop me from seeing my grandkids (most of the time). Sydney will be 9 in June and Taylor is going to turn 13 in July. Man, they just keep getting older. Just think, I'll have my first teenage granddaughter!

It's Tuesday

It is Tuesday and that means Linda's coming over. We normally watch 'Raising Hope', than a DVD and finally (my favorite part), 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

I always look forward to Tuesdays as I'm not home alone while Steve goes to class and I have my best friend over, too! What can I say, I get a little scared out in the country in the dark.

My cousins in Washington (state) decided to have a reunion every two years so we can see each other more. According to Jackie, they changed the date to May 28 and 29. This accommodates Jackie and Randy as they had an important event during the previous dates.

I was there (with Steve) 2 years ago and had a wonderful time. Since then, both my Aunts are having trouble with their health. I agree it's good to see them while we can. However, it costs so much to fly and rent a car.

Last time David had just had surgery on his hip due to an accident he'd had. I wonder if he checks creatine reviews to build his muscles back up.

Well, here's to hoping we all get to go!

Stress Relieved

Heather's family is now in their double-wide mobile home. I've never seen one as big as theirs. It has a nice size kitchen with an island, family room, office, living room, three bedrooms and two baths. Steve and Pato worked last weekend to get the washer and dryer hooked up so now she can do clothes. Hurray!

It's been a long process and both Heather and Josh's families are a lot more happier now, I'm sure. Josh's family is moving into their new home this weekend. Tomorrow I will be helping with the kids while Steve, Shelly, and Josh paint at the new place.

Meanwhile, Heather is still going through boxes and weeding out things for Goodwill, and things to throw out. The kids aren't much help, there. I had Kat go through a box of toys and she sat aside one thing to give away. :)

There is a box of cords for electronics, ps3 controllers, gameboys, etc.

Hopefully, Heather will get caught up soon with the laundry (almost 2 weeks without washer/dryer). Her kitchen has tons of cupboard space, too. All they need now is a kitchen table and chairs.

It's Done!

Monday I went to the surgery center for the surgery on my hand. If some of you don't know about it, I had what is called a trigger finger. It was on my right thumb, which would get stuck in the down position and I'd have to pull it up (which hurt).

They only gave me a local, did the surgery, and sent me home. I'm glad I didn't have to wait around like you do when you are put under. I had some pain the first day, since then, no pain unless I forget and try to use it, then it hurts some but, not unbearable.

Other than the doctor, the nurses all wore nurses uniforms, which reminded me of the scrubs I used to wear at Lakeview. They were all very kind. I go back the 31st to have the stitches removed. Don't have to have therapy or anything. Great, huh?

Have you gone through something recently you want to discuss? Let me know.

Heather's Moving

Something we've all been hoping and waiting for is finally happening. Heather's family put their down payment on a double-wide mobile home. Moving day is Saturday and everyone is really excited.

I haven't been inside it, but, it sounds really nice. The owner is leaving his fridge, dishwasher, couch, and TV. Originally, he had said he was taking the dishwasher with him. So that's one less thing they will have to buy.

One thing I don't know for sure is if the window treatments stay or not. Heather may want to look into plantation shutters. I'm not much of a decorator, myself, so I still don't have much in the way of it done at my place. I still have sconces, etc. in original boxes (never been on a wall).

I know everyone who follows Heather's and my blog are very happy for her and her family!

Reunions Every 2 Years

My cousin, Dave Moon, called last night to see how we were doing and caught me up as to my relatives in Washington (state). We went out there two years ago and saw relatives I hadn't seen since I was very young.

Sheila Kay (his sister) and he decided they should have a family reunion every two years to keep the family close. While that would be great, it is so expensive to fly two people to Washington. I haven't called Sue yet, but I will.

My Aunts Helen and Delores are both suffering from Dementia. Aunt Delores fell a while back and broke the tibia. Dave also said that she has two or three tumors in her brain, but that they quit growing. Life is so short and then it is over.

Take care of yourself and your family, while you have time.


Steve's mother, Elsie, is having a difficult time walking, getting up and down. The pain is in her sciatic nerve. They have given her medication that helps damaged nerves. So far, it isn't helping that much.

Steve left a few minutes ago to help move her to a nursing home. When a room is available in the assisted living center the family has chosen, she will be moved there. I imagine, then, the house will be put up for sale; though, I'm not sure of that.

I hope they can find a way to help her with the pain she is in. I know what that is like as the sciatic nerves are where I get my nerve blocks.

Please keep Elsie in your prayers!

I Need to Order Today

I'm really late putting in my Melaleuca order this month. I normally do it before the 24Th of the month, but since I've been so sick, I haven't touched my computer for over a week.

I love the things I get, but, I'm not a saleswoman. Heather was really good at getting people to come in under her, including me, and actually had an income from it. I just order what I love and throughout the year, I order things for my family for XMAS. I suppose I should get busy after this and look through my cabinets to see what we need.

Steve had a class this morning, then went to look at a house with Heather and Pato. Sounds like his boss will co-sign for them now. Hooray! The house they looked at had all the pipes busted, water damage on the basement walls where they cut them away due to mold.

He called me after that and I encouraged him to go to the Y. (Then I don't have to go, teehee). One thing I first noticed about him when I met him was his muscular arms (okay, not the very first thing). I suppose his line of work helped build those muscles but, I might suggest myoswell to him as he's lost some of it. He still looks good though!

I wished they had something to take for bones that are degenerating (spine, neck, knees). That's what I need. Well, that's it for now. Send me a comment to let me know how you are doing!

That Same Old Feeling

I don't know if I've written about this or not before. I went through this a while back and apparently I'm having to go through it again. What is it?

I don't want to go to the YMCA or church. I hate the thought of going. Once I'm in the building, I'm fine, but the stress of thinking about it and actually getting into the car and getting there, kills me.

I've always had a streak of shyness in me, especially going out in public, like a restaurant, etc. The buffet type about does me in. I feel like everyone's waiting on me to move so they can get their food.

I know when I was young, I had buck teeth and was teased unmercifully. That made me not want to smile or talk to others. For some reason, after I had my teeth straightened, the feeling never left.

I get depressed once in a while about my health (back/neck/hands), and then I don't want to go anywhere. Steve has to really work on it to get me to go to the Y. When I say yes right away, he'll say, "You're kidding me."

He loves going there. He'd be there every day of the week if he could. I wonder if he takes pre workout supplements. He probably should, if he doesn't.

As I was saying, it is rare that I want to go to either place, but I'm always glad when I'm done. I suppose everyone is after a workout, right? How about you? Do you have to really talk yourself or be talked into to do something?

One Time at Josh's

One time when we visited at Joshua's, I saw the funniest thing. Carter had Cambria in the back of a dump truck, pushing her around from the kitchen to the living room and back. The truck was big enough for her to sit comfortably with her legs tucked under her.

I was afraid she'd fall out of it as Carter was really motating through the house. Cambria just held on to the sides and giggled. Man, what a picture! I couldn't quit watching it.

I asked Jay, "Won't she fall out of there?" He told Carter to take her out of it before she gets hurt. But on and on it went. If Carter took her out, Cambria would climb back in and grin.

My computer just made a funny little beeping sound. Sometimes I think I should have data backup in case something goes wrong. Well, hey, I don't know how to run a backup, anyway.

Back to the kids, they continued whirling around the house until we left, Cambria was having a blast and Carter loved it, too!

What a Week

Sunday we stopped at Josh's for a quick visit after church. Both Josh and Heather's families were all there. It's so great to see half my family all at once. Of course, Alyce was the first to run to me, hug me, and say, "Grandma!". Then it was Kat's turn.

While we talked to Josh, Kat held both my hands, (her back to me) wrapping my arms around her. We held hands for quite a while. I'm only mentioning this as right before we left, Heather told me Kat had vomited that morning. You ever have second thoughts? I really wish I'd washed my hands before I left.

Monday evening the vomiting and diarrhea started. I had made navy bean soup with dumplings. I may never eat them again. You know how it is when you're sick after eating something you love. This continued on throughout the night.

Anytime I turned over to try to find a more comfortable position, I'd have to run to the bathroom again. By morning, my whole body ached. I felt like I needed to sleep on a cloud.

The next day resulted in only nausea, but my rib area hurt really bad if I'd cough or laugh. You know something is always funny when your ribs hurt. Man! I called Heather Tuesday early evening and asked if anyone else got sick. Since then ten of the eleven people living there had it. (And they only have 1 bathroom :( ) I think Pato is the only one who didn't get it. I finally started feeling better on Thursday evening.

Oh, well, on to feeling better!

They Spent the Night

Last night Abby and Mikayla came over to stay. Linda came, too, for our once a week visit (normally on Tuesday's but, since I was sick all week, she came on Friday). Steve went to Winterset for a meeting with his family.

Abby brought a DVD of the 'Mentalist', and we watched two of the shows. I really like that show, Abby loves it. We let Mikayla stay up a little longer than usual since they didn't get here till 7:30 or so.

Mikayla can't say Linda, so she calls her Nina. Before going to bed, Abby gave Mikayla a breathing treatment. She coughs when she runs and then coughs at night. The doctor thinks she has a touch of asthma. I hope not. So far, they cannot tell if she's allergic to anything that starts it off.

When Abby said it was bedtime, Mikayla came to me and hugged me and said 'Night'. Then she did the same to Linda. Next she trotted off to the bedroom and got into bed and went right to sleep. Linda was amazed. Her kids never went to bed that easy.

Not me, I usually sleep a couple hours, wake up, sleep a little more, wake up, etc. I think I need L Dopa. Then I could get some deep sleep.

After Mikayla drifted off, Abby and I gave each other a neck/shoulder massage, which was fantastic. Pretty soon, Abby fell asleep on the couch. Linda and I watched 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and then Linda went home. Overall, it was a great night.

They Zapped Him

Steve has been suffering with kidney stones for more than three weeks, poor guy. They finally set up an outpatient appointment to zap the largest stone (the one that was causing all the pain.)

They had him lay on this table that had a little square window on it. After lining up his stone across the window, they knocked him out and hit the stone with 3200 sound waves. Wow!

A few days later they finally started coming out and he's still a little sore on his back where the sound waves hit him. Felt like someone punched him in the kidney. But, hooray! the stone is now gone.

While I was waiting for him, I was wishing someone would tell me how to burn belly fat. Unfortunately, they can't zap fat.

The Last Test I Had...

was one on my digestion. They gave me scrambled eggs with a trace of radioactivity, toast with butter, and a glass of water. After I ate it, they took pictures of my digestive area and the radioactivity showed where the food was. This was done every 15 minutes.

After about 2 hours, I was finally able to leave. The result was that my system is not digesting as fast as it should. This could be caused by the meds I am on. At least I didn't have to take a colon cleanser before I went.

So now I am supposed to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones. Whatever, I don't eat three big ones anyway. I eat a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, with a cup of hot tea. I usually don't get hungry again until 2 or so, and I eat a pickle or some olives.

Supper is not big, I always eat a small portion. Anyhoo, so far, the nausea hasn't reappeared as much. Woohoo!

More of the Same

Anyone who knows us knows Heather and Pato's apartment building burned last Saturday. They are losing a lot, sad to say. They have two garages now with their beds, dressers, and clothes. The couch and kitchen table and chairs are not salvageable. As far as the mattresses and clothes, it depends on if they can get the smoke/mildew smell out.

The family is reeling in shock. Steve went over Wednesday and helped Pato (on his day off). Today, Steve, Steve II, and Justin (possibly Josh) spent the day and have most out except closets emptied. I just hate it. People ask Heather what they need, she doesn't know, honestly.

Until they have a place to live, they cannot get things out of the garage to see if they can make the smell go away. Heather bought a 24 pack of beer and took it to Josh's for Dad and Josh and Steve II (if he's still there). Hopefully, no one will have to go into alcohol detox after this is all over.

If you want to see my grandson's interview with TV8, here is the video. And here is Heather's blog if you're interested in making a donation to help. Other's have asked, so she put a Paypal button on the blog,

On other notes, I had my upper endoscopy yesterday and I'm happy to say, I slept through it. Didn't hurt me a bit! :) I have to go to the hospital for another test Feb 9 as for some reason, I'm not digesting food like you should??? I have to eat a hard boiled egg while they watch what is going on. Don't suppose I can sleep through that, huh?

Tay, Carter, and Cambria

Steve and I went to Josh's to watch the kids while he and Shelley went to a party with his co-workers. They went to a pub and then on to an ice-hockey game.

It was suppertime when we got there and Shelley had pizza boats ready to eat. Yum. She made Canadian Bacon, Mushrooms, and Black Olives on mine. (She knows what I love.) Josh cut one up for Cambria and I fed her bites.

Cambria has been really shy around me. I told her, "When Taylor was your age, she really loved me!" She just watched me and opened her mouth for another bite. When she was done eating, I took her tray away and put my arms out to hold her. Surprisingly, she reached out to me. The rest of the evening she would come up to me and sit on my lap for awhile. I just loved it.

Other times, she would step up onto this little chair and climb into Grandpa's lap. She'd sit there chattering to herself, it was so cute. Carter was his normal cute self. And, of course, Taylor was wonderful.

Tay picked out a movie for us to watch, 'The Return of Nanny McFee' ; but, it was really good. It was about naughty kids and a nanny that makes them mind. Anyway, that took a few hours of quiet time and the movie actually kept everyone's attention. Cambria slept through most of it.

Taylor made popcorn, which I love, and Shelley had sugar cookies, yum. Of course, I had no willpower and chowed down. Speaking of no willpower, I need to get cheap diet pills that work, as I am losing the battle of the bulge.
Check Spelling
Steve and I want to start eating better, but I think we actually need some guidance on healthy eating. Do you have any pointers? Do you eat healthy? I hope you had a great weekend. Until next time.....Halfmoon

February 3rd

I finally got the appointment made to see a doctor for an upper endoscopy. Of course, the female doc that I wanted to see was not available until the middle of February (just for the consult).

Steve drove me in yesterday for a 3:00 appointment. Had to be there by 2:45, of course, for insurance, etc. For some reason, the receptionist could not find the group number for my insurance company in their system. Meanwhile, four or five people came in and stood in line to be checked in while waiting for this woman to get me in their system. Oh, brother. I wanted to ask if I could hop the counter and look for it myself.

After finally being checked in, someone in a wheelchair in the hallway was screaming out and crying. This went on for approx 5 minutes which totally unnerved me. I wanted to go out and see if I could help her. She really sounded like she was scared. I wanted to go out and sing to her, see if that would calm her down. Finally, they wheel her in and take her on back, she's screaming out the whole way.

This went on for a while, then some paramedics came in with their stretcher on wheels. I told Steve, I bet they came for that poor woman. Yep, back they come with her on the stretcher screaming and crying.

When they finally called my name, it was way after 3:00, I understood why. My nurse apologized for all the commotion, said that was a new patient for them and they didn't know what was wrong with her other than she was mentally impaired.

The final result is I will have it done on Feb 3rd and I won't be knocked out. I gag easily so, am not looking forward to them putting a scope down my throat. Yuck

On other notes Jordan wants a mini bike to ride out on our land. Sydney has a 4-wheeler which is her size and is really cute. I wonder if she needs ATV Parts very often. I'm sure all the grandkids would love it if we had something they could play on out here. I always wanted to have a couple horses and at one time we were considering raising dobermans (when we had Brandy).

Right now, I just wish I could have an addition built on to have an indoor swimming pool with warm water. Then I could really get mobility going every day. After seeing the doctor, we went to the Y and participated in a warm water exercise class. I overdid it. Spent the night in pain (neck and shoulders). Got up at 2 am and wore my tens unit and read. Finally at 5, I went to bed and slept on ice packs. I never learn.

Hope you have a great weekend planned. We don't have any plans made other than to go pick up my car at the repair shop (after the warranty expired, of course).

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We finally got hit with winter weather. The snow has been light, but steady. Steve shoveled all the way to the road, driveway, sidewalk, and a little path back to the bedroom deck so I can go out there when I want. What a guy.

It is 25 below freezing with the wind chill. 49 of the United States have snow on the ground. Now tell me about global warming, will you? I get so tired of hearing about it. Where are they when it's freezing everywhere?

It's time to make sure your smoke and heat alarms are up and working. Make sure your motorola batteries are fresh, you don't want a dead battery when you finally need your alarm.

Steve's at his second class of the semester. Now he goes to school MTW of the week. I had Linda change her night to come over to Tuesday so at least one of the nights I'm not alone. She should be here pretty soon.

How much snow did you get? Our back yard looks impressive in white!

New Year's Eve

I was invited to a New Year's Eve reception at PM, given $50 to spend, and had a good time. I say a good time, not great, because I didn't win the big bucks.

There was champagne and a whole slew of hordourves (sp) to eat free. I grabbed an egg roll which I didn't eat more than one bite (cause it was cold, yuck), some carrots, a breadstick, and some spinach dip which was fantastic. Steve tried a little bit of everything. I couldn't even look at the fried foods as my nausea doesn't take much to start up.

After eating, we went downstairs to the slots and played a little. Wish we could have one, but that wasn't in the cards, no pun intended.

We left there at 10:30 with intentions of going to Josh's where almost the whole family was (minus Pato and Abby's family). I told Steve I'd rather go home and watch DVDs mainly because I didn't want to get in and out of the car in the frigid weather.

I've lost 1 1/2 lbs finally. Steve and I both really want to lose weight. We're seriously looking for recipes that are more nutritious but still tasty. I probably would have gained more weight if we'd gone to Jay's, I heard Shelley put on a wonderful spread!

I have this dream of getting a new ranch house with a swimming pool (warm water), hot tub, steam room, fitness equipment, and room for sewing and computer rooms. Wish we'd hit the lottery!

What did you do for New Year's Eve? Let me know!